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  1. I have seen this happen before on other vehicles, and sometimes a firm tap on the screen with your finger would get it working. Usually, the problem WILL return. If another tap/poke fixes it, I would go about disassembling the climate screen unit, and reflowing any solder points you see It is fairly rare for the screen itself to actually fail, it is generally the connections that give up. heating and cooling several hundred thousand times does a great job of weakening any and all solder connections.
  2. Hello! Recently picked up a 1998 Seville STS vinY for one heck of a price. Needs quite a bit of labor time put in before its 100%, but the body and chassis are in perfect condition. Going to be browsing and lurking quite a bit, maybe jump into some conversations, who knows. At the moment, the car for sure needs a Suregrip kit, a new windshield, a driver side mirror assembly, a pair of front rotors and pads, and whatever is setting off the "service suspension" message. I have not yet written down the codes that come back. This caddy may be a victim of my obsession during the rebuild/repairs, so perhaps it will get the M112 dropped on top, and a set of the high compression MLS gaskets during assembly. Not sure what will happen until I actually clean up my garage for the room to work.