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  1. Been a long and busy while since I last appeared on here. I recently received my engine inserts from Huhnsolutions, they do the custom sized inserts for the head bolt holes. Soon, I will be ordering all the gaskets for the topend, timing, and coolant crossover. I just need to figure out which type of timing setup I have, Type 1 or Type 2 (1=clean timing cover, 2=partnumber marked) Will also be ordering the TCC solenoid for the transmission while I have the topend removed, as it is obvious to me this car has never had a proper transmission service. All the mounts are shot from age and sitting, and the fluid is more like caramel in color than red. Being the TCC solenoid (torque converter control solenoid) eventually goes bad with poor fluid services (aka never done), I figure I will nip it in the bud before it becomes an issue down the road. This car will be very nice once all fluids are updated, all filters are changed (even the nasty cabin air filter), and the brakes stop feeling like the surface of the ocean in a hurricane. Im thinking its going to take quite awhile, as my garage is tiny, and has a ton of stuff in there. Both my Honda's (accord and civic) actually struggle to fit properly in there for wheel changes and oil changes with the door closed (its 15* outside now). With warmer weather, I can finally sort out all the scrap metal from being the friends/family mechanic over the cold season. Should get enough for some fancy beer!
  2. What is the standard compressed thickness of the northstar's headgaskets? Cometic makes a variety of headgasket thickness's, and markets them as the COMPRESSED thickness. They range from 0.041'' to 0.120'', and the thinnest gaskets are starting at about $123 each side. Does anyone on here know the standard thickness at compressed stage? I will be going thinner, but do not want to make a massive change that would require modifying the cam sprockets to stay in proper mechanical timing. Thanks in advance -Matt (98 Seville SLS)
  3. I have seen this happen before on other vehicles, and sometimes a firm tap on the screen with your finger would get it working. Usually, the problem WILL return. If another tap/poke fixes it, I would go about disassembling the climate screen unit, and reflowing any solder points you see It is fairly rare for the screen itself to actually fail, it is generally the connections that give up. heating and cooling several hundred thousand times does a great job of weakening any and all solder connections.
  4. Hello! Recently picked up a 1998 Seville STS vinY for one heck of a price. Needs quite a bit of labor time put in before its 100%, but the body and chassis are in perfect condition. Going to be browsing and lurking quite a bit, maybe jump into some conversations, who knows. At the moment, the car for sure needs a Suregrip kit, a new windshield, a driver side mirror assembly, a pair of front rotors and pads, and whatever is setting off the "service suspension" message. I have not yet written down the codes that come back. This caddy may be a victim of my obsession during the rebuild/repairs, so perhaps it will get the M112 dropped on top, and a set of the high compression MLS gaskets during assembly. Not sure what will happen until I actually clean up my garage for the room to work.