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  1. good Afternoon guys, so i was told that the Idle Air Control Motor / Valve could be the culprit of this issues, do you guys know where this piece is located in a Cadillac ATS 2013?
  2. So I got an update on this guys, I cleaned the valves, they were filthy dirty with carbon build up I’m talking chunks, and now car idles really smooth but I am still havimg the problem of the car sometimes shaking when I put it on reserve or drive and sometimes when I come to a stop, let’s keep in mind the rough idle is gone, could it be bad transmission mounts? Motor mounts are good, throttle body is spotless, it has new spark plugs, an other possible issue maybe dirty fuel lines? I’m starting to worry here...
  3. Good Morning all, just a follow up, i will be looking into my intake valves this weekend to see if they have carbon build up, how ever i also read that it could be a possible fuel line issue? Like dirty fuel lines or something. I have noticed that the car only does this vibrations when its cold, after the car has been on or it has been driven for 15-20 Minutes it runs super smooth and no issues at all when in park reverse or drive. i am thinking this is being caused by dirty intake valves as this is a direct injection engine and it has not been clean in over 90k miles. but until i look at them i will not know. Any ideas of what else it could be if the valves are clean?
  4. How much would something like this cost? And would this have to be done by a dealer or a mechanic?
  5. that is the problem i am having, i have no check engine light on and i have taken to three shops, autozone and Oreilys and they put the OBD scanner and it throws no codes. Could it be bad fuel filter? Car has 130k Miles.
  6. Good morning All, i have been having some issues with my 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.5L. When the car is cold and sometimes even when its already warmed up when i place the car in reverse or drive it vibrates like it wants to stall, Sometimes this happens when i come to a full stop as well but goes away if car is place is Neutral. When on a cold start the RPM jumps from 1100-500, then it stabilizes after a few minutes. I have already replaced the plugs, cleaned throttle body and even pour fule cleaners but the issues will not go away, Motor mounts are good as well. What else could be causing this issue? Should i be concern?
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