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  1. For a car to pass smog, it has to be ready -- if you have disconnected the battery recently for example, it will need to drive for 50-100 miles to get emissions ready. Failure causes can be bad O2 sensors, bad catalytic converter, or generally running poorly or misfiring and so not burning cleanly. if the engine is running smoothly, and your check engine light is not on, but it is failing emissions, it is likely something subtle. I would have expected the emissions test to show what failed as a clue.
  2. That is not an input I would expect. Can you retrieve the DTC codes to determine what the actual problem might be? Did the dealer or mechanic actually tell you what they think is wrong?
  3. are there any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)? Does it show 'ready for emissions'?
  4. installed the new battery from RockAuto in the ATS-V Trunk today. Battery in the left side of trunk, under a hatch (too small to pull battery out of). Battery with rear trim piece removed, and side trim piece displaced to allow access. There is a bottom retainer, a top brace, two vent tubes to address, (one for vent one plugged). The battery the dealer put in previously (top) does not match the new one; it was a 48AGM but says it has 700 CCA where new one says 770 CCA. Otherwise I would have just expected OEM battery vs retail battery differences.
  5. So the locksmith was able to repair the cylinder (remove the bad wafer and reinstall it)? Wow
  6. Interesting interior configuration V-63 Victoria Coupe. The V-63 offered an improved L-head engine, and as the video mentions front-wheel brakes. The V-63 was offered in 1924 and 1925, replaced by the Series 314 in 1926. The new L-head engine used a cross-plane crankshaft, which improved balance and smoothness for the V-8.
  7. I think you are on the right path -- tumbler is dirty/stuck in wrong place. By cleaning the tumbler out you may get it clean, loose, and working again. Another thought though -- with foot on brake, can you move the gear shift from park to drive and back to park and see if any difference?
  8. I left the charger on for a few hours before Christmas Eve, then retested today, after Christmas. The ATS-V has not gone anywhere as we are isolating at home. Battery this morning tested at SOH 78%, still Good-Recharge. Now I see SOC 6%. R:4.55 mOHMs CCA: 546A; Vol:12.04V. This seems to suggest there is not a large parasitic draw with the car off, as the battery stayed charged. I put the charger back on; what happens is the charger goes through stages from constant amperage to variable amperage to trickle charge to full & anti-sulfurization. The final stage is a low current mai
  9. One of the most popular engine swaps for early hot rodding has to be the early Cadillac OHV engines. The 331 was first released in 1949 and was used in hot rods almost immediately. The first generation of engines are almost identical and a vast majority of the parts swap between. Cadillac's were known for making good power and torque stock and were quite smooth running engines.
  10. I tested the ATS-V battery using an Ansel BA301 Battery Analyzer with following results: SOH = 59% SOC = 0% CCA = 413A STD = 700A Resitance = 6.04mΩ Voltage = 11.88V GOOD-RECHARGE Which appears to show the battery is good but discharged and simply needs recharge. I put it on my charger, a Beleeb BLB-C25 Battery Charger & Maintainer again today and will let it run until it gets to 'full charge', then retest and see what then. If it is not 'holding' a charge then probably needs replace regardless. Initial result interpretation: OK Recharge: The BA301 man
  11. For this holiday season, we're adding a few more interviews to that list in the coming week or two, and today we're starting with Jamie Brewer, Chief Engineer for the upcoming 2022 Cadillac Lyriq EV. We chat about her past career before the Lyriq EV, examine some of the design and engineering decisions that were made ahead of the Lyriq EV's reveal, examine some of the advantages of General Motor's new Ultium battery system, and discuss the path from prototype to finished vehicle.
  12. Battery fitment info; the track pack RPO Y4Q battery appears to be the LN1AGM, or pn 88865429. The Stock / OEM battery is the 48AGM 88864541
  13. We're looking at a 2006 Cadillac XLR-V Convertible in Black Paint. The car features a Supercharged Northstar V8 engine producing 443 HP. The car's Owner is Jack Bowser. Jack’s had this car since 2017. Jack shares he was looking at a Porsche, and while on his way to the bathroom, saw this car. He researched it, and called and purchased it. He calls this car “The Corvette in a Tuxedo”.
  14. A while back my ATS-V would occasionally be slow to crank, so the dealer put a new battery in. The new battery (years later) is now occasionally slow to crank, so I sent a note over to see how much a new battery will be. Now, note the battery itself is $320 ($242 or so on discount). Rockauto has 48AGM for $157 plus S&H.https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/cadillac,2016,ats,3.6l+v6+turbocharged,3310891,electrical,battery,2476 My ATS-V is not start/stop and this is the one in the car now: ACDELCO 48AGM {#88864541} Gold / Professional; AGM; BCI Group 48; CCA 760 Exclude Start Stop
  15. Do you have any DTCs (Diagnostic trouble codes) showing? Better to diagnose than to just throw parts at it. If I had to guess though it's the fuel pressure regulator.
  16. "Big shout out to Teddy for getting his personal best 1/4 mile time and also taking the number one spot as fastest ATS-V in the World. Also big shout out to Scott from TAPOUT TUNING for helping Teddy get there with his world class tuning and dedication to the ats-v platform. MODS: cai, downpipes, exhaust dumps at downpipes, stage 1 cams and springs, stock frame turbo upgrades, meth/e34 tune by tapout tuning, drag pack."
  17. https://www.hotcars.com/johnny-cash-cadillac-one-piece-at-a-time-detailed-look/ Musicians have a love affair with Cadillacs. Maybe it all started with Elvis Presley's famous pink Fleetwood. Or perhaps the infatuation began with Chess Records offering Cadillacs to Rhythm and Blues musicians such as Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry. But it was Johnny Cash who sang the most iconic song about a Cadillac in American history: His 1976 hit "One Piece at a Time."
  18. This catch-up post was a lovely Christmas present for the Forum; thank you for posting. I would love to have a roadster to tinker with along with my ATS-V, but will have to wait for the right one to come along. Good luck in your Garage search.
  19. This is about advertising using a Cadillac example but you may still find it interesting.
  20. Go behind the scenes of Cadillac performance with CT4 engineer Kay Batt.
  21. No music (except the engine running), no commentary. Just a visual walk around. I am not good at guessing models in this era; I suppose it is a Series 61. The large black nose done in in the engine bay appears to act as a cold air intake or ram air. I wonder if that was contemporary or is actually just the form to allow the narrow nose in the hood?
  22. Positive review, but the CT5-V is a mix. The previous LGW TT3L V6 made 404 Hp @ 5700 RPM, and 400 lb ft torque at 2500-5100. The new improved TT3L V6 for CT5-V makes 360 hp and 405 lb.-ft. of torque, again suggesting Cadillac is intentionally detuning the turbo engines for some reason.
  23. Classic Promenade is please to offer for sale via Private Treaty this spectacular 1930 Cadillac Series 452 V16 Roadster with over 50 Awards including from Pebble Beach, Villa d’Este and the 21-Gun Salute in India.
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