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  1. I am trying to think though something like a blog forum for members, where each member would have a topic within a separate forum where they would update info about their specific cadillac. Might have simple entries like repairs, new pics, updates, etc., sort of in a journal or diary format. So I for example would have a thread called Bruce's 2004 CTS with notes on repairs or maintenance or travel or whatever. More general remarks would go out to the discussion forum, but car reports to my thread in the Member's Cars forum.
  2. Certainly; you can post a check to Bruce Nunnally at this address: Bruce Nunnally ATTN: Caddyinfo.com 1304 Todd Drive Plano, TX 75023-1911 Then I can update your forum status, etc. manually. So far I'm trying to avoid banner ads. I am hoping to add some Sponsoring Vendor forums, as I would like to see Group Buys and similar activity. I am still not sure how much bandwidth we will be using; hopefully we will be able to gauge that within a week or two and know what the final cost for the new forums will be
  3. Um socket wrench and screwdriver. Maybe a allen head or star head for the memcal cover? You take out the glove box, and then you can see the PCM on the firewall behind it to unbolt. Remove the passenger kickpanel, and the PCM slides down to the passenger floor. Pop out the old memcal (prom), pop in the new one, put the car back together. 15 min job. I got my g-tech/pro after I added the chip, so I never got before/after measures with it, but my 92 STS beat the magazine numbers by a good margin. http://www.fastchip.com/92.htm for info on the 4.9L chip I used.
  4. Here is the home website for the new racing series that the CTS-V's are participating in this season, as a GT car: http://www.world-challenge.com tech specs for this series are done by car, with weight added if you win, or removed if you lose to try to make the series more competitive. specs: http://www.world-challenge.com/competitors/vts.html
  5. Confusingly, looking at the K&N part for the 3.2L, those dual intakes neck down to a single intake further up stream? I think the dual flow was replaced with the new setup on the 3.6L -- the 3.6L has a dual stage variable intake manifold that (quoted from GM literature as posted at http://www.60degreev6.com/index.php?p=sections&sid=32 ):
  6. A Subscribing Member is someone who has a subscription through paypal or post and contributes monthly. A Contributing Memberis someone who has sent one or more contributions within the last 12 months. Finally, a Subscribing Sponsor or Contributing Sponsor are like members but are manufacturers, or dealers, etc. I have not caught up statuses on the new board for all contributions within the last 12 months yet; I am hoping to work on that soon. To contribute the 'old' way, you can go to the caddyinfo.com homepage and go to the bottom of the page and choose between paypal subscription a
  7. Names based on posts on the new board, which keeps up with that sort of thing. I have reset the post titles to be: Lurker 1-9 posts Reader 10-30 posts Participant 30-100 posts Old Timer 100+ posts The ranks are completely customizable, so maybe we will swap to something Cadillac related once we think of the right thing. The little blue 'pips' or boxes below your name reflect your post title as well. There are also titles that override these, for Subscribing Member and Contributing Member, based on contributions made through the gateway here. I will need time to catch that up from prev
  8. Good idea -- though I had. I have enabled it on the board end (it was previously turned on for the main forum but not the others). To enable the quick reply window on your account, go to My Controls, then Board Settings, and for Open Fast Reply automatically when available? * choose Yes, and then press "Change Account Options"
  9. Sorry, I put up some choices now. Thanks for pointing this out.
  10. So the new 3.6L VVT V6 will take regular or premium octane. However, it does have a knock sensor on each cylinder, and the notes in the manual suggest that while you can use regular unleaded, performance will suffer. For maximum performance, then, should I run premium all the time, or would it be reasonable to run premium in the summer, when knock is more of a problem, and regular unleaded in the winter when lower operating temps make knock less likely?
  11. Company in Arizona offerring 12 & 13" rotor kits for the CTS with 16 ot 17" wheels. I suppose a good upgrade path will be to adapt the CTS-V brake setup though, and 18" wheels? http://www.tceperformanceproducts.com/BrakeKits/CTS.mgi2
  12. According to this Detroit Free Press article on the 2005 STS: http://www.freep.com/money/autonews/caddy15_20040115.htm So perhaps the CTS will run from $32K-49K, and the STS-6 from $39K to the STS-8 range $59K, with the CTS-V at $50K and the STS-V at ?? $65K, then the XLR at $72K for a complete range from $32K to $72K? Of course the Deville, Escalade, and SRX are in there too. What is the capacity of the new Lansing facility? I thought the CTS line maxed out last year, and now with it pumping out CTS's and SRX's, is 30K also the maximum number of STS's that CAN be made?
  13. This shows the CTS 3.6L engine. It uses a single intake --versus the dual intake in 2003-- fed from the same airbox as 2003.
  14. I hope it gets easier then. I have tried to keep the forum count to a minimum because I know some of us like the one forum down the page look. Do try the "View new posts" as a way to get there though; it gives you an easy listing of any posts since your last visit. There is also online help up there on the menu if nothing else works
  15. Sorry you don't like the new format. If it's the colors/appearance etc hang on cause it's not done. If you don't like the multiple forums, it's fairly easy to make http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showforum=3 your favorite and just read the main forum instead. Or, you can use the "View New Posts" link in the upper right to get a single forum type list of all new posts since your last visit.
  16. This forum is also a place to capture your favorite info or archives from the old forum and post it into the searchable space on the new forum.
  17. Oh, good thinking. Would it be TOO much if I added one more forum for that specific purpose though?
  18. OK, the manual/warranty info on the new 2004 CTS actual says just change the oil whenever the oil life monitor says. The CTS gets Mobil 1 as a factory fill. My inclination is to follow the manual (!), but of course one reads all the time how it's better to change at 3k no matter. BUT, on the third hand, I have read of some engines that actually did WORSE if the oil was changed too soon -- that they did not wear in as well? Anyone think the manual's advice to follow the oil life indicator is bad?
  19. Still no problems at all with the new CTS. Been through one tank of gas, and reluctantly drove it in the rain, parked it in parking lots, etc. We are NOT using it for driving lessons however. No real issues. The wiper blades left minute rubber? tracks on the window at the end of their sweeps. I cleaned it off with a wet paper towel, no re-occurance. Could have been some road hazard that splashed up, but I think it was some residue on the wiper blades. But really the new car has 0 problems so far. The insurance was about $20 a month more for the 2004 versus the 1996 model, which seemed
  20. Well, the archived info on the old site is in a custom database I think, so I'll have to see what can be done about it yet. Randy and Netgetgoing just kind of went quiet, and are not responding to emails for the last 6 months or so. So I think it's best to migrate to a new site. I would hate to lose the collected wisdom of the archives, but the old pre-march search will still be available for a while.
  21. Yes, I think that would belong in your signature here. To get to your signature, choose "My Controls" then from the menus on the left choose "edit signature" then type in the signature info, and hit Update my signature.
  22. Hi, Still wrestling with the new site look and so on, but please feel free to make suggestions here.
  23. Usually in Auto mode the climate control will aim heat at your feet by preference. the Mode selector can be used to select the heat flow there to override the climate setting. Are you getting hot air flow from all vents?
  24. ah. mine shows a quote button, so it must be a permission issue.
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