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  1. WATCH: 10 Reasons Why the Cadillac XT4 Could Be Your Next Luxury SUV https://t.co/zXtaCZd5lH via @automobilemag

  2. 2018 Cadillac XT5 “Believe the Hype” :15 https://t.co/x9zZEN5nJt via @YouTube

  3. RT @CrestCars: Get dressed up or dressed down with the Cadillac XT5! https://t.co/QkZH59WFsB https://t.co/NOHBSkgtMJ

  4. @dallascadi you need the CT6 Platinum

  5. RT @WayneTaylorRcng: Greetings Friday from @Mid_Ohio. Two practices today, qualifying Saturday and race Sunday. Will @jordan10taylor, @Reng…

  6. I suggest @cadillac commission @vanderhallusa for a “CT0” or “Sixty Special City Edition” based on the Venice https://t.co/WfICkqc6Ok

  7. RT @Cadillac: 640 horsepower. All waiting to be unleashed. #CTS #VSeries https://t.co/qKFQdUXgX6

  8. Twin-Turbo V8 to be Cadillac Exclusive? https://t.co/5RXOsdQZZD https://t.co/fhXXoyRwlj

  9. RT @Automoblog: With the new CT6 V-Sport, @Cadillac is definitely swinging for the fences. #Cadillac https://t.co/SMM5X2flG6 https://t.co/d…

  10. Your first-look at the all-new Cadillac XT4. #Cadillac https://t.co/Z3ogtUmUsX

  11. The harder you work, the luckier you get. @cadillac - Trust in V; You’ll find yourself. https://t.co/dmfzLBNgRg

  12. RT @Cadillac: Congrats #CadillacRacing on another double podium finish. #Sebring12 https://t.co/LZsqt2452r

  13. RT @Cadillac: Racing forecast. 90 and sunny. #Sebring12 https://t.co/TkcZLSLeWG

  14. Thanks @dallascadi for another easy transit to @DFWAirport and back home. You make planning simple.

  15. @CrestCars @homerjay71 @OnStar thanks @crestcars Gene says the V is ready — just waiting on me to get back to town.

  16. @homerjay71 @OnStar @CrestCars TBD; overheated at idle after long traffic jam. Hopefully something simple but good to let @crestcars review

  17. Lights, Cameras, Action! It’s Friday! @cadillac : Trust the V #atsv #ctsv #vseries #cadillac https://t.co/XcAg0LEb3b

  18. In Velocity, Truth. @cadillac Trust in V #atsv #ctsv #vseries #cadillac https://t.co/RQeBiIp1BC

  19. Ready to Party? Game On. @cadillac : Trust in V #atsv #ctsv #cadillac #cars https://t.co/r7Lv6Rmeze

  20. Find your calling, Pursue it Relentlessly, Find yourself. @Cadillac - Trust in V #hustle https://t.co/Ad6iRkwHMs

  21. Deville leak #Cadillac https://t.co/H6j65p6nZ6

  22. Leaking grease from CV boots? #Cadillac https://t.co/db5ap3EVMw https://t.co/GyZCwnx5Oq

  23. Start up problems #Cadillac https://t.co/PUZSvspvzO

  24. Test Fitting Wheels & Tires for looks and performance #Cadillac https://t.co/6RZsqwqVsV https://t.co/Xhooi5MoTg

  25. Saturday listen-along with @ShoshanaBean new Spectrum #albumoftheweek https://t.co/bs3zSaOVJB

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