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  1. Each car I have seen so far has a disable button but I predict that if one leaves it enabled one will gain trust in start/stop dependability.
  2. I agree it is curious that auto mfrs all say all electric is the future when no one but Tesla can entice more than a few people to buy electric. I wonder if the key is high performance electric vehicles.
  3. I have not heard anything about a Bolt-Size Cadillac (102" wheelbase). I think the next Cadillac BEV/Hybrid will be a Midsize Crossover. Possible that this Chevrolet will produce the platform that that Cadillac comes from but unclear. I like the bolt in terms of performance and specs but it is a very small commuter with a 238 mile range. Hopefully the new platform will bring a 400+ mile range.
  4. Keep an eye out for Direct on Ebay
  5. General Motors is investing $300 million in its Orion Township, Michigan, assembly plant to produce a new Chevrolet electric vehicle that will bring 400 new jobs to the Orion plant. Today’s announcement is part of GM’s new commitment to invest a total of $1.8 billion in its United States manufacturing operations, creating 700 new jobs and supporting 28,000 jobs across six states. View the full article
  6. Unfortunately an upgrade misfired this morning and the forum is down. Tech support has been notified and hopefully can sort it out quickly. Thank you for your patience. View the full article
  7. We have a 2L TT ATS Premium Sedan and the ATS-V Coupe. I think either engine is a good match for the ATS. I like our 2L Turbo ATS Sedan. The 2L Turbo Four is a fun engine; I would avoid the base 2.5L normally aspirated 4. The 2L Turbo has some aftermarket tuning options. The 3.6L has been fine; some reports of eating timing chains but hopefully that was sorted out under warranty. It has more peak hp than the 4, but similar if inferior torque curve up to around 5K rpm. There are some year to year differences -- for example the LFX 3.6L from 13-15 is somewhat different than the LGX 3.6L from 16 on. Likewise the 2L got a better tune in 2015 and more torque from 2016 to present than prior albeit in a more narrow range. Year(s) Model Power Torque Dyno Chart 2013–2014 Cadillac ATS 272 hp (203 kW) @ 5500 rpm 260 ft⋅lb (353 N⋅m) @ 1700–5500 rpm link 2015–present 295 ft⋅lb (400 N⋅m) @ 3000–4600 rpm 013–2015 Cadillac ATS 321 hp (239 kW) @ 6800 rpm 274 lb⋅ft (371 N⋅m) @ 4800 rpm
  8. Cadillac today revealed its first-ever CT5 sedan with a social media campaign designed to stimulate the senses using autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR. View the full article
  9. The Whelen Engineering Cadillac DPi-V.R won the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring today. The Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi-V.R and Mustang Sampling Cadillac DPi-V.R completed an all Cadillac sweep of the Sebring podium. View the full article
  10. The Mustang Sampling Cadillac DPi-V.R was the top Cadillac qualifier in fourth for the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring to run tomorrow, Saturday, March 16 at Sebring International Raceway. View the full article
  11. Cadillac Racing teams are ready to take on the historic Sebring Raceway at this weekend's Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring to run Saturday, March 16. Cadillac teams are coming off of a successful Rolex 24 Hour At Daytona where the Konica Minolta Cadillac team won the race with the Whelen Engineering Cadillac squad coming in a close second. View the full article
  12. Cadillac’s first-ever XT6 will offer one of the segment’s strongest rosters of standard features and safety and driver assistance technologies, with a starting price of $53,690 (including destination charge)1, for the Premium Luxury FWD model. View the full article
  13. General Motors Co. is launching an expansive initiative to help fleet managers protect the safety of their drivers, optimize vehicle performance and reliability, and support strong resale values, the company announced today at NTEA’s The Work Truck Show, the largest exhibit of work trucks in North America. View the full article
  14. Good job, nice report. I would add be cautious with eye protection when spraying PB Blaster or other penetrant if you are lying under the item you are spraying (ask me how I know).