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  1. Received this query in email: I have a 1961 caddy series 62 with a GM crate 502 and a GM 700R4 automatic overdrive transmission. I would like to get some info on swapping out that engine for something with a little better mpg. I have the original front end which was recently replaced with factory parts. Can you suggest a engine that would fit? I bought it as a retirement gift and I drive it most every day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I should also mention, BBCODE has been deprecated (support has been removed) in the new forum. The thinking is the html gadgets in the message editor replace the need for BBCODE.
  3. 10/26/2020 - Monday - I have updated the forum software to the most recent update. I see some issues to consider such as the header image but please let me know if you see anything odd or not working.
  4. In comments poster notes that he apparently had inadvertently bent heat shield during a previous repair. Good that he isolated & fixed it though.
  5. Data Panel: https://hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/files/specs-2020-bmw-m235i-gc-cadillac-ct4-v-mercedes-amg-a35-1602171042.pdf
  6. Three in-house speed shops glue their badges on their brands' smallest sedans. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/comparison-test/a34304375/2020-bmw-m235i-gran-coupe-vs-cadillac-ct4-v-mercedes-amg-a35/ "Is that the one with the Corvette engine?" The guy admiring the candy-red Cadillac wants to know if he's in the presence of the mighty 640-hp CTS-V. Not quite, friend. This is the one with the four-cylinder truck engine. "Oh. Well, I'm sure it's still fast." That passing interaction perfectly captures why the Cadillac CT4-V, the BMW M235i Gran Coupe, and the Me
  7. No dialog, but lots of shots of Cadillacs as Southern California chapters of the Cadillac Kings global car club brings the family together for an amazing day at Yorba Linda Regional Park in Yorba Linda, California!
  8. I think the CT5-V is a nice car suffering from being mis-branded. If it were the CT5 Premium or CT5 VSport it would be well received.
  9. A pretty quick car, but not a very quick car. I agree both the CT4 and CT5 (and my ATS-V btw) should have had the lovely all-digital display from the VSport Premium models. I believe Cadillac is updating this in future models 21+.
  10. My Arabic is limited to a few words, but one can more or less tell what is going on in this comparison. I posted this comment: the 0-100 km time for the CT4-V of 00:08:02 is way off what Cadillac claims for this model (0-60 mph in 3.8s). The CT5-V was slightly off its expected pace, but not nearly as much. Assuming nothing mechanically was wrong with the CT4-V, perhaps the 45C/113F heat had a greater impact on the CT4-V than the CT5-V?
  11. Imagine sitting in a CT5-V for 15 min talking about every detail. This is that video.
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