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  1. Welcome! I think you are on the right path; heat the plastic but be careful not to use so much heat that you damage the paint below it. Can you post before / after pictures as you go?
  2. Bruce Nunnally

    Stiff Shifter 1997 Deville

    is it garaged or are these outside overnight symptoms?
  3. “I had very constructive meetings with members of Congress from Ohio and Maryland. I share their concerns about the impact the actions we announced last week will have on our employees, their families and the communities. These were very difficult decisions -- decisions I take very personally. I informed the members that many hourly employees at the impacted U.S. plants will have the opportunity to work at other U.S. GM plants and that we are committed to working with them to minimize the impact on the communities. I also informed them that all salaried GM workers impacted by these actions are being offered outplacement services to help them transition to new jobs.” View the full article
  4. Bruce Nunnally

    CTS Coupe Sunroof?

    I think you are correct. The ATS Coupe sunroof does open normally.
  5. The RWD northstars have the engine in the proper orientation which perhaps helps heat transfer. I have not heard head gasket issues with them. The V6 was as popular at the time in the STS due to lower price but similar output, but has its own worry list
  6. DETROIT — General Motors (NYSE: GM) and Cruise are taking the next step toward commercializing autonomous vehicle technology with the appointment of Dan Ammann as CEO of Cruise. Kyle Vogt, Cruise co-founder, will partner with Ammann to set strategic direction for the company and will lead technology development as Cruise president and chief technology officer. The appointments are effective Jan. 1, 2019. View the full article
  7. Cadillac is introducing the 2019 Sport Edition, a bold new look for those who aren’t afraid of the dark. This new black-accented version is the first special edition available for the current generation of the sales- and segment-leading, award-winning SUV. View the full article
  8. GM is committed to maintaining a strong manufacturing presence in the U.S., as evidenced by our more than $22 billion investments in U.S. operations since 2009. Yesterday’s announcements support our ability to invest for future growth and position the company for long-term success and maintain and grow American jobs. Many of the U.S. workers impacted by these actions will have the opportunity to shift to other GM plants where we will need more employees to support growth in trucks, crossovers and SUVs. GM’s transformation also includes adding technical and engineering jobs to support the future of mobility, such as new jobs in electrification and autonomous vehicles. View the full article
  9. General Motors (NYSE: GM) will accelerate its transformation for the future, building on the comprehensive strategy it laid out in 2015 to strengthen its core business, capitalize on the future of personal mobility and drive significant cost efficiencies. View the full article
  10. Bruce Nunnally

    MAILBAG: rear wheel hub for 98 DeVille Limo

    Thanks; I emailed topic link to requester and he seemed excited.
  11. Jan wrote: Please help I'm in need of a rear wheel hub assembly for a 98 Cadillac DeVille limo 6 lugs . I keep ordering one and seem everyone sends me wrong one. I really need help asap. Need to have limo on road by the 5th of December. For our toy ride for tots. Please help .thanks in advance
  12. Bruce Nunnally

    Mailbag: fewest words category

    my go to guess on misfire is always fuel pressure regulator. the longer answer is check the codes snd go down the diagnostic tree - fuel, air, spark and see what is “amiss”
  13. General Motors’ CAMI Assembly Plant in Canada has received the Wildlife Habitat Council’s highest recognition for overall excellence in corporate conservation, the Gold Program Award. General Motors continues to lead the industry with the most WHC Conservation Certification sites — 75 — and is at nearly 85 percent of its goal to achieve certification at all its manufacturing sites by 2020. View the full article
  14. William wrote: A misfire on cylinder 5
  15. It’s that time of year again. Here are some automotive (and a few other) gift ideas for five popular products you many not have considered: Slime 50107 Smart Spare Emergency Tire Repair Kit Antigravity XP-10 Micro start Jump Starter Power 300 Amps / 600A Peak Antigravity XP-10 Micro start Jump Starter Power 300 Amps / 600A Peak Porcelain Heart Necklace 1930s-’40s Martin D-18 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar | Reverb (okay so I’m into guitars this season) VTIN Portable Bluetooth Speaker with IPX6 Waterproof, Support Deep Bass & Rich View the full article