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  1. Ok, I experimented some more and found that the door module can communicate directly with the seat heater module and the seat memory module without having the dash module, rear module or PCM installed. as long as they all have power and have their class 2 data bus connected, they can communicate.
  2. First some history, and an apology to purists. I have a '37 LaSalle (5019, 4-door touring sedan) that had already been modified when I bought it. The body and most of the interior were intact and all original but the chassis and drivetrain had long since been removed. In their place was a 2X4 frame with 1970 Chevelle front and rear frame clips. There was no engine or transmission. I'm keeping the body stock, with all that beautiful trim, etc, no chopping or anything like that, also retaining the original dash, which is also beautiful. Beyond that, however, I'm doing something pretty differ
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