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  1. Disconnecting the battery seems to do nothing for the i032 and I034 codes
  2. So I found out that the fuel rail pressure was a mere 15psi. So I just got the fuel pump I order and replace the fuel pump now it runs just find. But its stuck in 2nd gear. So I pulled the codes Which are as follow No pcm data I022 HISTORY I032 CURRENT I034 CURRENT I052 HISTORY NO ACP CODES NO SIR CODES NO TCS DATA S036 HISTORY S038 CURRENT S044 HISTORY S060 HISTORY S061 HISTORY S064 HISTORY S072 HISTORY S073 HISTORY S076 HISTORY S077 HISTORY My main concern at the I032 and I034
  3. I just brought a 94 Eldorado it idles at 2100rpm. I got the idle to clam down by pretty removing the iac. Now it idle at 1000ish rpm cleaned the throttle body with soapy water and a tooth brush it lowered the rpm little more . I took it for a drive around the block shift extremely hard in drive and reverse. Try to give it full throttle and it bogs around 1500rpm spits and sputters and popping noises out of the exhaust and if you hold the full throttle for 5 secs or so it feels like it going to die trying . There no codes on the computer.
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