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  1. Hey folks, new to forum . I have acquired a 1998 Eldorado , straight body, high miles , needs interior work. Found this car in an impound lot, so I'm into it right. This is my first Caddy and am learning a lot . I'm concentrating on suspension, and chassis right now. Engine is very strong for having 175000 miles, but leaks a little oil, and antifreeze in all the usual spots . Will eventually have to drop the subframe for engine and trans work. Would like to tap into your experience. I'm looking for places to shop for high performance parts for the NorthStar engine. Any websites, or company's that sell performance parts (super chargers , pistons ,cams ,cranks ,things like that). Would like to up the horse power to 400 or 500 if possible . I don't know what's out there or what can be done, but have been told these engines are extremely de-tuned from the factory . Thanks,wndrvr