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  1. Nothing u do to the northstar engine is simple but im sure i can make it work if it can be done and i know i can redo the headgasket and bolts to the other engine and thanks again guess ill be back here after i get all the stuff for the headgasket job nd let yall know how it goes thanks again
  2. I got a question can the 95 or 96 northstar engine fit in a 02 deville
  3. Thanks u have been alot of help i really appreciate the help
  4. I know its not goin to be like them engine but im sure i can get it done just want to make sure i get the right stuff and all of what i need so once i get it out and apart i can just get it done without having to keep running round what all am i goin to have to replace and need
  5. did the test again and this time it did turn from blue to a light yellow what all do i need to re do the headgasket this my first time working on a northstar engine
  6. Guess ill try the dye and UV light just like u said that wasnt the problem it ant ran pass half way since the other day nd today it went up one and thanks again
  7. It just needed the pellets or some sealent in it and now no over heating i did not know that the northstar needed these pellets once u remove all the water or fluse the engine and it say it under the hood dont know why i kept over looking it had them just never thought to use them but i just dropped 2 in and like not even half a bottle of some block seal in it no more problems for now and it had passed all the test when we did them but thanks i really appreciate the help your time and help thanks again and i might be back got 4 more that i got to fix lol
  8. The top was bad it is holding it ince i replaced it and the bypass i did not have a 90degree spliter had to run the lines up a little to the one i did have but it runs wit the air on it just goes up 1 or 2 lines nd drops back down and im still yet haven't tested the fans but i am goin to tomorrow to see whats goin on there but i can drive it with the AC on now it just go up and come back down every now and then
  9. U told me to check the temp sensor and the wires right and i didd the tem sensor had alot of corrosion on it so did the negative wire the temp sensor also looked to be burned it was turning colors u said it could be a false code u also said that the temp sensor code came up and they are 3 relays nd 2 30 fuses for the fans and with the coolant i had got the little tester u tild me to go buy with the little five balls in it but back to the fans i went nd got more relays for it because it onky seems as if inly one of them turn on high but it still runs the same but maybe the way i bypassed the heater core creating this air pocket so maybe i am the reason but i have not done no more to it then was said or told to try in here
  10. I thinking its then fans dont think both run on high when its time and one dont blow that hard when its on low i replaced all 5 fues for fan still same gone buy new fans for it probably tomorrow and see way that goes and i replaced the temp sensor to see if it would still over heat and it did i also checked nd replaced both wires and the water has pushed has pushed back out of the resevere tank also think i need a new top for it it want hold no water or pressure at all but i will get back to u once i get the new fans nd top just ant had time have to get these other cars done
  11. My bad got off late Abs-c1214 current c1248current Amp no code DDM- B3832current u1000history DDS no code DIM- p1536 history u1000history IPC-u1000history IPM-B0409current B0419current B0429current IRC-u1000history u1164history u1016history LRD no code PCM-p0118history p0410current p1115history PDM u1000history RFA no code RCC no code RIM-u1000current RDd u100history Sdm no code Vtd no code
  12. Just seeing this and yes i can drive it all day wit the AC off. I can even let it run in one spit all day wit ac on just while im driving it goes up while the AC is on it will go down if i turn it off but for some reason it ant want to go back down at that time