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    Timing Chain Replaced - Special Warranty

    My wife's '09 DTS has 119000 miles on it. 2 days ago the vehicle started running very badly without any warning. She got to a parking area and turned it off. I came there and the car wouldn't start again. Towed to our GM dealer and they told me they would need 10 hrs. labor @ 115.00 per hour just to tell us whether it could be repaired or have to replace the motor. Like who lets a dealer replace a North Star motor in a '09 DTS? Anyway this timing chain extended warranty or "special" warranty if you will has peaked my interest. The dealer didn't mention anything about a warranty on the timing chain only that they thought it had "skipped" timing. It would be great to get a break like that right on the time/mileage limitation. Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated.