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  1. 2005 sts 3.6L i replaced the coil and other things bad happened. check engine light was flashing , motor had little power . at take off very sluggish then after 1st gear a little stronger took it to auto zone and had them code it 2 times first codes were p0300 engine misfire detected p0420 catalyst system low efficiency bank 1 p0305 cyl 5 misfire detected p0355 for ign coil control circuit p0203 injector 3 control circuit p0205 injector 5 control circuit p0201 injector 1 control circuit then car wouldnt start so we disconnected the battery , waited about 5 minutes and it reluctantly started coded again and got these codes p0201 again p0203 again p0305 again on saturday this car ran like a beast then sunday on an outing the check engine light started FLASHING it was solid before as i had it coded last week to find it was a catalytic converter code. so with check engine light flashing i started to see smoke coming from under the hood!!!! pulled over to find the coil pack on the passenger side by the firewall end was melting . i disconnected the wire harness so i could drive back home. today i installed a new coil pack and all the issues i first described took place,,,,,,, can i get some good sound advise please ???? car has 114500 miles on it , I've only used premium gasoline , oil life is at 70 % and i have only had it a month and the check engine light only illuminated last weekend , three weeks after i got the car
  2. A coil pack melted , I replaced it and things went further south afterwards
  3. LOL an Escalade would be back to a huge beast to drive tha family in,,,, there are 4 of us,,, 2 kids and mommy and I. Price range i want is 2k tops and i know thats sort of a tall order but theres got to be something available!
  4. Sadly im looking in the 2k range years 2000- 2006ish, Ive seen a bit of each model in this price range but as i stated WEARY!!!! i prefer to have the 3.6 engine in the CTS 3.6
  5. Hi All, im new to this site, hope you are all well!! I want to get a Seville or CTS. i presently have a suburban and use that for work AND family.. tired tired of using it for family as i always need to rearrange the contents to fit kids and i cant even get 10 bags of groceries in with all of us in it lol Im so weary of dealers and buying from them , never had a good experience with them. I am hoping this forum can help me through the process and what to look for and what to avoid! Buying from private individuals can be as frightening but i think is usually better than a pushy dealer/salesman only after the commission and sale. Ive seen a 06 or 05 CTS with #5 cyl misfiring and the possible cause is horrifyingly expensive at worst case scenario. things like that ,, i hope i can find out more what i need to look for. thanks to anyone that takes some time from their day to help me EDG!