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  1. also..thanks man i appreciate all the info and i thought it had rollers but the heads were off in 2012 and a lot has happened since then for me. LOL
  2. when i got this is was running ol 10-40 and i have run that in it mostly but i got a great deal on the 1030 synth and thought i would give it a shot pretty sure my pressure switch is about shot i gotta get the car up again tomorrow and see what style it is and get one ordered. i did get out and clear all the codes out of it nothing about low oil i have one of the stupid air pumps for the exhoust out and a po742 for the tranny probably a sensor again from what i have read. car drives great but i do need to do some tinkering with it to get it back into perfect shape. yea that i
  3. hey sorry it took me a bit to get back on this. I've been busy (understatement of the year) mine is a 2000 and i changed theil to full syn 10-30 toaday and sure as hell the low oil pressure light is on... kinda thinking i ahould change the sending switch. sorta wondering if i should drive it to town to take the kid to work or take the truck? I assume it is fine and it is just the lower viscosity syn flow rate but it does make ,e nervous driving something that is telling me it is about to explode lol. update...i did just drive it and light went outand it seems fine i suspe
  4. Hello coming from the diesel world i have had great luck with the rotella the newer blends with moly etc from what i have read tend to be more subject to sheer than the high blend zincs but if i may make a recommendation based on experience archoil 1 ounce per quart every other oil change or so has a high level of nano bprate and makes a very real difference in friction and seems to help with sheer. I run it every change in y diesel and it is absolutely amazing. otherwise i agree with the sending switch being suspect so long as you are keeping your il clean and it sounds as if you a
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