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  1. just what I seen early number one but I will give it closer tomorrow in daylight
  2. so would you recommend replacing this sensor and if so what is its name?
  3. sensor was actually dry inside. it was the plug in housing that was dripping, but being downward don't know if it was just condensation off of piping obeying Newton
  4. that code clearing technique is way more efficient and comfortable than battery. Thanks bunchs .
  5. it was dripping out of the sensor and slightly bubbling out of the small tube entry point into (firewall housing?) I unplugged sensor while running and compressor shut off. shut ac off and turned back on and it kicked back on with no alarms. believe liquid was just water
  6. sound s good. I just got off of work. when I wake up this afternoon ill try the clear codes and inspect. the compressor was running when I tried to charge and when it quit there was a difference in the pressure reading.
  7. the gauge I have came with the refrigerant. its cheap and not the two gauge system to get total system pressure. I cleared the code by unhooking battery terminal. if there is an easier way I would appreciate that bit of info. I appreciate all the info you have bestowed upon me. So compressor was running. I charged it last year and it took a can and a half. this year it took a little but then no more and gauge reading full. thus my assumption it is a sensor. none of the sensors were wet but I haven't ran the system in over two weeks. compressor not wet either. I should probably reset the codes before I do that visual inspection
  8. charging it with refrigerant with gauges. it wont take any more and the needle on gauge reading full. and when I reset it. it blows cold. no work just me bypassing security on ignition for key by soldering in a resistor same ohmage as key. this problem was before that though. code history: IPC B1552, B2710, B2780, B2781 Current: ACM B1347
  9. don't know the code just reset the computer by battery terminals. do I need a scanner to find the code or is it available through control panel?
  10. I am trying to repair a sensor or whatever is shutting my ac compressor off in my 98 Eldorado. it is full of refrigerant and whenever I reset the codes by battery terminals it only lasts for about 2 hours. I believe it is a sensor or switch but cant find any diagrams or help for diagnosing the cause. please help me