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  1. Had the same problem olle!!!! Pop of your valve cover and there is a part called a "throttle body coupling/coupler" it's rubber and metal and mine was around 6 inches in diameter.mine had a crack in the rubber and was sucking air and causing every problem you have named in this thread.I would bet money that this is what's causing your issues.
  2. I had a similar problem on a 2000 was running rough and had to give it gas when stopped our it would go dead.after going through all kinds of parts and money it ended up being a ten dollar part called a " throttle body coupling". Take of your valve cover and its a rubber coupler about six inches in diameter.mine had a slit in it and was sucking air and causing the stall...Hope this helps
  3. I have already replaced the core plug in the front of the engine, the one behind the timing belt.And now I have to replace one in the rear on the same side.I know it's the reason for water leaking because I found the plug lying there but I cannot locate the hole it came out of.I could really use some help from someone who has dealt with this before and knows the best way to go about replacing it.or even if someone has any pictures of the engine out of the car showing the freeze plugs so I can get an idea of where it is exactly..