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  1. Thank you! I will try the manual lock. But, I want to tell you all that the State of Michigan will assist with car repair up to $900 annually if that repair is keeping you from working. It's true! Contact MDHHS to get an application. So, I am applying and hopefully Betsy won't need any other repairs! I will keep you posted on how this goes - thanks again!
  2. Thanks for all of your answers....I used to be married to a car guy and I am sure that he checked the fuses and the wires that were easy to get to. Thanks for warning me about the battery terminals....you stopped me from making things worse. I guess I will be baking lots of cookies and looking for a cookie loving mechanic....
  3. I watched about 40 seconds of your video......I couldn't do that in a million years! Dumb question (oh yeah, no question is dumb) - how do I know if the manual lock works? I've never used the manual locks or knew that they even existed....
  4. Yikes! I don't know how to do any of that! Do you think there is any validity to the battery terminal thing? I could do that myself. FYI, the car door is locked, won't unlock and window won't go down.
  5. I have a 2002 Deville four door and the rear passenger door does not open, nor does the window go down. I bought it that way from the dealer years ago. I know that there are threads on here that already address the problem, but many are ten years older or more. So, here is my problem and my questions. I lost my job at the beginning of January and signed up to drive for Uber until I find a permanent job. (cash flow, you know). Well, because Betsy (the Deville) is more than five years old, I have to have an inspection. Of course, one of the questions on the inspection sheet is "Do all four doors open and close?". I read on another thread that a mechanic said to try touching the battery terminals together and that will reset the whole electrical system and if your problem is with software, that should fix it. My questions: Since the battery is under the back seat (ugh), before I struggle to get to the battery, is this advice even close to valid? If so, does the car need to be running when I do this? Is there a chance of blowing myself into smithereens? Is there a chance that I might short out the entire electrical system and then be worse off than I am already? I have $0 to go to a mechanic - I should have stayed married to my gearhead ex - sigh. Or is my best bet to bake a bunch of cookies and take them with me to the inspection and hope that they will cut an old gal a break?
  6. I sure hope that all you guys are still around! I have a 2002 Deville with a rear passenger door and window that don't open. I recently lost my job and my situation is getting pretty serious. I applied to drive for Uber, but I will have to have the car inspected. Of course, one of the things that are checked is that all four doors open and close. I read this thread and am willing to try the battery terminal thing, but I need to ask you guys a question. I know that my battery is under the back seat (ugh!), but I can get to it myself. Does the car need to be running when I touch the terminal wires together? Is there a possibility of injuring myself? Is there a possibility of blowing up my whole electrical system? Seriously, I need answers soon....I am almost out of cigarettes and rum and I need to start at Uber to pay my bills! Thanks so much!
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