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  1. So these are what I got: i037 current i039 history i052 History no acp Data no sir codes code T083 history
  2. Alright, thanks for the help so far. I will update once I can get more figured out.
  3. I have not checked for system codes. When it comes to cars I'm not very handy, but my father in law and grandpa are if they know where to look. So I figured if I could get some help for them on where to start looking it would be a start.
  4. I have a 95 Deville and in November I noticed that my cruise wasn't working and the outside and indoor temp had dashes instead of numbers like the picture shows. Now that it is winter I've noticed that the heat doesn't do hardly anything at all. The defrost light is lit up and every once in a while when I start my car the interior temp will say 75, but then will go back to the dashes. Any ideas?
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