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  1. I think your burning oil because your rings are not seating well.. Ive heard many good things about a quart of motor flush right before every oil change and even running a quart or 2 of transmission fluid in your oil for 100 miles, Ive done that numerous times.. Give it a try, it frees up many sticky clogged up things and resolves oil burning issues...
  2. Your right GDI is everywhere.. Maybe I'm just being overly paranoid and should just enjoy the car as it's perfect right now anyways.. If you read to much into other peoples problems you kind of take them on as your own. Reading to much info can screw you up!!. I'l just change my oil regularly and do everything I can to keep it clean and that's all I can do its in gods hands ha,, and when and if something breaks I'll deal with it then..
  3. Yikes thank you for the information, darn I may have to reluctantly do all this now :-(,, ha!..Yes I do have the 3.6 Direct Injection or GDI and everything you said seems to be true from all I've heard up till now. I'm surprised Cadillac would design something like this knowing of this situation, It's like having the horse push the carriage, pretty common sense.. I heard oils with low Noack like Amsoil have less burning vapors and keep things cleaner, who knows maybe I'll look into it.. My manual says Mobil 1 5w-30 only and that's all I'm doing for now. Do you think synthetic oil changes every 3k miles and Seafoam or gas cleaner in the gas regularly will ward off these problem longer?? It only has 60k miles on it and it runs perfect, I hate to start tearing into it but I'm all about preventative to..;-/
  4. Hey peoples, I have the 2008 CTS 3.6L DI with 60K miles that runs beautifully (for now) but I here there is a lot of PCV breather issues and oil consumption carbon problems on this particular motor, is there anyone out there that has done the PCV breather modification with a so called catchcan?. Any advice for preventative measures on all this would be appreciated as I plan to keep this car till the wheels fall off...Thank you :-)
  5. Wow great information and you got my dander up now ha.. I have the '08 CTS 3.6 Direct Injection with 60K miles on it and it runs beautifully and as far as I can tell not burning any oil as I have put about 1000 miles on it so far . I actually bought it from an older couple original owner new so I'm sure it has easy miles on it.. I made the mistake of reading into all this oil consumption business way to much now I am thoroughly depressed. I do hear about this PCV problem though that carbon and junk builds up in these 3.6's and that does concern me to. You mentioned a catchcan at the pcv area and I'm sure I want to do something like this soon do you think this is necessary with my situation??.. I'm neurotic about Mobil 1 Synthetic every 3k miles anyway so the oil will be clean along with gas cleaners in the tank to very frequently to try and ward off any of this build up crap that could start so I want to keep engine as clean as possible.. thanks for any info.... I'm a backyard mechanic myself and can do what i need to but would need assistance first with maybe pics somewhere along the line somwehere...