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  1. Im changing our the multifunction switch tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Is it normal that i cant cut mt head lights off at night in park whilw the car is running ??
  2. Thanks man ive looked at so many diagrams this past week i didnt kno what i was lookn at. I understand now. Thanks again
  3. Ok so my high beams were on again when i turned the car on. Both of them so i kno the bulbs arent the issue. Its a rainy day with overcast so i guess its an automatic feature. But i cant turn them off or on manually from the multifunction switch. No illumination on the dash or anything. Still nothing with the turn signals though....
  4. So the bcm is in plain sight or is it hidden
  5. I wasnt able to open the page
  6. So this is something i could check myself? The bcm. The bulk connector?
  7. Ok but what about these turn signals??? Have to have it inspected before road legal. Just bought it. Waiting on title now.
  8. I will get codes read tomorrow. Thanks for all the help so far. Beautiful car. Lightning white....got to get her on the road. Everything else us perfect on this car. A guy just didnt want to take the time or the chance on her. Im not giving up on her
  9. Yes it had wrecked on the passenger side. Got swiped by a truck and trailer air bags deployed. Windshield cracked the trailer dug deep down into the fender all the way to the end of the rear passenger side door. Doors have been replaced as well as fender. Looks good.
  10. Yes that was the first thing that i did. I changed the head lamps and turn sihnal fuses with new ones a few days ago
  11. Yes also send me the view of the connector end wire table for c1. Ill see if i can trace it wnd to end
  12. That one hi beam also came on yesterday. I just started the car. Got out and noticed one hi beam was on. Driver side. And same thing today. Thats without me even trying to turn them on.
  13. The driver side was working earlier. I cant control my head lights frim my inside switch. My high breams which you're aware of or either my low beams from the inside switch. My low beams come on when it starts to darken and turn if during the day. On their own. Maybe something to do with the switch is also a problem. I figure there are multiple exposed, not hooked up correctly or just burnt out from something. Another wierd thing is that one hi bean stayed on all day until my low beams came on when it started to get dark out. .....???????
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