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  1. Update: first, thanks to all that have replied and participated. After doing a lot of research into how the battery charging operation works in this car, in my last post on Dec 28 I mentioned that I was thinking that the problem is that Lady just doesn't drive the car often or long enough. I explained my theory to her, and showed her to monitor the battery voltage on the dash display. We leave the display setting to show the battery voltage all the time. Since Dec, she does watch the voltage reading, and drives it often enough to allow the voltage to drop down to 12.x or 13.x volts, which is where it should be the battery is in a good state of charge. Since her work place is so close to her house, and the speed limit is so low during the drive, she sometimes has to just drive around a few miles from time to time when it needs it. When the voltage display reads mid-to-high 14 volts or higher (if it reaches the 15 volt range, it definitely needs to be driven a while, and/or the battery put on a charger) then she drives it around until it drops back to normal range. Although it's been a while now, and there is not been another "no start" issue, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that an intermittent problem still doesn't crop back up. But after learning how the charging works on this model car, i fell pretty confident.
  2. Thanks. I"ve done a lot of things in my life, to facilitate troubleshooting. Ok, worked on it some more today. My current thinking is that maybe it's just driving habits. I don't think it's driven long enough, often enough to keep the battery charged properly. Lady drives it to work and back mostly, and it's only about two miles one way, and it's not over 40 MPH for those two miles. It sits until she gets off, then two miles back home. I think maybe we can use the dashboard Voltage readying to determine when she needs to drive if further in order to get the battery charged up properly. When the Voltage drops down closer to 12.x to 13.x Volts, then it should be ok.
  3. From all I can tell, the charging system is working. The battery charges while driving. And all is good for some time, even days or weeks, until the battery goes dead one night. I'm still thinking that whatever is the battery drain issue is very intermittent and I can't catch it doing it. Somehow I need to intall an ammeter, with a logging capabilty, and leave it on the battery all the time. At some point the problem will re-appear and then I'll have the log data to look through and see when it happened maybe. Have you ever done this? Also, can you tell me where the BCM is on my 2006 DTS?
  4. Well, hello, again all! Since my last post, I did buy a brand new, sufficiently sized, battery. Returned car to my Lady, and it did fine until last Saturday. She went out yesterday morning to go to work. I saw her coming back onto the porch, and I said oh nooo.... SHe came in, hurled the keys at/near me, and said F-it, take it, sell it, drive if off a cliff, I don't care! I have trouble shot this car a lot. I have a DC ammeter, and when I turn the car off I watch the current drain go down in stages, as it should, and it generally goes to a very low millamp level. I firmly believe, at this point, that sometimes, intermittently, that something in the car does not turn off properly and the current drain stays high and runs the battery down. Or, if everything does turn off properly, that sometimes during the night something turns back on. I just don't know. 1. I may have to get a permanently installed DC ammeter with a data storage device, so that I can see a log of current drain over times, such as hours/days. Anyone done that? 2. Where is the BCM located on my car: 2006 DTS? Thanks! Later, Raymond
  5. Good points all. I plan to ensure a fully charged battery, and do yet another load test, and then measure the parasitic current draw. I'll report the resulting measurements. Re: your two thoughts...1) Yes, i understand. I'm in Texas, and have dealt with batteries of all types for many HOT HOT years. And, 2) that's absolutely correct!
  6. Thanks, again. I initially thought, and had always thought, that the charging voltages remained constant, but with all the computer controlled devices nowadays i wasn't sure. Although, I still DO think that there are some current draining things going on when the car is turned off, like overnight. When this problem happens, (like last night), there is NOTHING when she tries to start the car. No cranking at all. It's like something just drained the battery overnight.
  7. Thanks, OldCadTech! ) Which thread(s) are you referring to? Some threads on this site. Do a quick search for Battery Drain. 2) Do you own a 2006 DTS? Well, yes, as my significant other does. I'm working on it. 3) Have you added any after-market accessories? No, not that I know of. We've owned it about 2 years. Fairly recently started these issues. And, as coincidence would have it, JUST LAST NIGHT it left her stranded at work. She is beyond furious.... 4) Have you LOAD tested the battery in the vehicle you're having the problem with? Yes, last weekend I removed the battery and took it to the shop from which we bought it about a 1 1/2 ago. Battery tested good. 4a) Have you tested the charging system? While at the battery shop, he put a voltmeter on the battery while car was running. Tested 14.5 Vdc. I have a multimeter, also, (as I'm an electronic tech/electrician), and it read the same voltage. We DID NOT test actual charging current, as he nor I have that equipment. 4b) Is it charging more than 13 volts? Yes, and it varies. (is this normal?). After I drove the car home from battery shop above, the voltage had dropped to 12.x. Then I drove it to a mechanic, and when I got there it was 13.x. He could find nothing wrong. Also, he left the battery voltage showing on the dash display, and it varies while driving. (is this normal?) 4c) How old is the battery? 1 1/2 year. Load tested good last weekend. 5) Are the battery cable ends and bolts free of corrosion? Battery cables and connections are immaculate. Looks like show room conditions. The entire car is immaculate. 6) Do you have a Digital Volt Ohm Meter (DVOM) to do the current draw tests? Yes, I do, but low current capability. I probably should not have my meter in series with the battery when cranking the car. The meter would probably be ok to use for just testing to see if there is any current drain when everything is off.
  8. Have read MANY of the existing threads, mostly are older. Did anyone ever discover the primary or main cause of the battery draining on the 2006 DTS? I am having this issue, and it's unreliable to not know if/which morning the car won't crank. Thanks!