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  1. My dash and dash pad are coming up near the front window vents in my 2003 Seville. Getting my hand in there I feel what is either hard plastic or maybe a metal base to glue it back on to. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience here with an adhesive that will set up quickly, hold up in the heat and not damage the dash or pad in any way. I've got Gorilla Glue and I'm tempted to try it but not sure it's a good match for the application. Any tips on the job are also greatly appreciated, tight workings up there so near the window......trying to save what I'm sure will be a large bill at some repair shop. Have attached a pic to better illustrate things.....thanks in advance for any help! Brad
  2. My 2003 Seville has the dashboard cover coming up around the vents near the front window. It's not horrible yet but I'm sure it will get worse. I know certain adhesives are a no go with the materials in my dash. Any tried and true adhesives that have been used by anyone here? Also any tips on the repair would be appreciated. Since it's so close the front window it's going to be a little difficult to apply the adhesive I would think and then also making sure it's secured well until it's cured. I'm trying to avoid the I'm sure costly route of going to a fabric repair shop, I'm attaching a pic to better illustrate my issue. Thanks for any help!
  3. Just an fyi to all on this Caddy service man finally diagnosed the issue on my Seville. Excess carbon build up was the issue. As it would heat up at highway speeds the carbon would start to break up and circulate causing multiple misfires. This is a product of in part ethanol issues and not driving the Seville enough at speed to blow off built up carbon deposits. He put in a cleaner that soaks in the crank case for 2 hours and then they start the engine to blow out the dissolved carbon. It seems to have worked like a more SES lights at all under any driving conditions. Running smoother as well. I was really worrying that it was a head gasket but they were sure it wasn't and convinced me to try this carbon cleaning. Anyways.....wanted to make all aware that may be having the issues I was having. With all the diagnosis time (which took nearly 3 days) and the cleaning (which of course requires an oil change after) total bill was $500.00. Not cheap but a hell of lot cheaper than replacing a head gasket!
  4. I never have a SES light come on at start up and temp control seems fine. Only time SES light comes on is once I'm at highway speeds after about 5-10 minutes of driving.......sometimes flashing and sometimes steady. I'm aware that a Caddy service center will likely go to the HG being bad and onto "why pay all that money....just buy a new Caddy?" That's not an option for me...ha! Let me ask what may be a stupid question on these pulled head bolts. Are they an easier fix then replacing a head gasket? And most importantly a significantly cheaper fix?
  5. Thanks for the feedback rockfangd. I held off on the other coil pack replacement because my bill was a little steep at the time and I had them replace the one that looked the worst rust wise which the service adviser suggested. Maybe I should try the other one now. I'll be taking it down to my Caddy dealer to properly diagnose the issue before replacing the other pack but let me ask a question of you and the group here. Knowing that head gaskets are notorious on these Northstar engines, could a HG that is going bad cause a 300 code and the subsequent SES warning light to come on?
  6. While I greatly appreciate all the advice on tech tools (none of which I have) I'm really just trying to see if anyone out there has had or heard of a similar experience and what was done to fix it. It's been really frustrating. I don't feel comfortable driving anything is excess of short trips around town for fear of causing more damage. As stated before, it frustrating because the engine is running fine by all accounts. I had a rusted coil pack replaced and while the other one also had some rust on it, it was not as bad and was cleaned up. My mechanic and I debated changing the 2nd coil pack but even he said with the way the engine is running (pretty smoothly) it could just be a waste of money and the issue would likely persist. I'm shooting somewhat in the dark here but I'm wondering if I've got some fuel injector issues......have dumped a bottle and a half now of Lucas Oil F.I. cleaner into my tank as one more thing to try. I'm concerned that the Catalytic converter may already have been somewhat damaged.......I know when they heat up and get going say in highway driving and there is an issue that's where it will show up with the SES lights, steady or flashing. And that's what I get as soon as I get out on the highway and get it up to speed for 5 minutes or so. Not being a mechanic excuse the dumb question.......on this duel exhaust Northstar, are there two or just one C.C? And if they do need replaced can they be replaced without replacing the entire exhaust system? I don't remember if they are removable for "easy" replacement or if they are welded right into the exhaust pipes. Back to the codes and tech mechanic states that on my 2003 Seville the multiple misfire codes don't have the capability of being more specific as to which cylinders are having issues. He stated it's probably best to take it to my Caddy dealer to have them listen to each cylinder and try and see if one or more issues can actually be detected. I was wondering if anyone here had a C.Converter issue (with no apparent misfires) that caused the SES light to come on steady or flash...or both. I'm trying to get my ducks in a row best I can and keep the costs down on this car that I do love......but dumping endless cash into it trying to randomly see if that fixes the issue doesn't seem like that's a road I'd like to continue down. Thanks again for all the feedback. Brad
  7. Multiple misfire is the only code. Was wondering if anyone else had come across this issue. Most all of the same code conversation I've read about has been related to a stumbling or rough running engine. Mine is fine in that regard. And it's not really random......all I need to do is hit the highway, get it up to 60 or so and in about 5 minutes or less the service engine soon light will come on steady or flash. And to be clear when it does there is nothing noticeable at all about the performance of the engine being off. I will say that a recent round trip from York to Baltimore seemed to use more fuel than normal. This is why I thought it could likely be a cat converter issue.....knowing that fuel mileage decline is a sign of such an issue.
  8. My 2003 Seville SLS has had an ongoing issue with a p300 code for multiple misfires. Problem is there is no issue with the engine running roughly in any way. Plugs have been replaced, a coil pack has been replaced and it still comes back. It only occurs when driving on the highway at speed and the service engine soon light comes on pretty quickly (within a few miles of driving used to take longer drives for it to come on). It's flashing at times only to go out and then flash again. Eventually the light comes on and stays on (not flashing). I'm wondering if this is a catalytic converter issue since short drives around town do not cause the light to ever come on. My car has mid 80,000 and I'm wondering if it is a converter issue could it just have gone bad or could there be an issue with the fuel injectors causing the converter to fail by possibly passing un-burnt fuel into the converter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Brad in Pa