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  1. Thanks for response. I dropped it off for a driveability guy to look at. Curious to see if something in the 5 volt ref line might be causing issue also. But I’m prepared to be told it’s the computer. The pedal shared 5 volt with the fuel tank pressure sensor and they have had issues with them. I’ll keep you posted Update.... mechanic found a burnt up harness by shock tower, not attached so it was hitting exhaust manifold. Could not believe that the car even ran let alone only throw 2 codes. The throttle body harness was also in rough shape. He hardwired the harness wires for now and car runs and drives great. Car will eventually get a new engine harness. This car obviously had been cobbled wiring wise. Before changing throttle body and or pedal, check all harnesses in engine bay!!!! Thank you
  2. 2138 code and catalysts code. It’s been a couple weeks I apologize I can’t remember. The one code that led him to peddle then throttle body ended up being a tsb that stayed water intrusion on pass side. I found my drivers side drain hose plugged which caused the evap box to fill and drain behind glove box onto body control module. I cleaned and dried all connectors and car drove fine for one day. Then just threw app code. Now throws that and 0606 code and traction control light comes on. I currently have the traction control button unhooked but that doesn’t turn light on. It comes on shortly after I go into reduced engine mode.
  3. I’ve replaced pedal assembly and throttle body assembly. Car still goes into reduced power. It has thrown cat codes also. Last few days it’s only thrown app1 n 2 codes until this morning when I got the 0606 code. I drive with a scanner to check and clear codes. Need a little guidance because I really don’t think I need a new ecm and the pedal is brand new. Thank you in advanced