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  1. What is the fuel pressure suppose to be on?
  2. Hey now my car has been on 1200 and 1300 on idle this barely started happening 2 days ago
  3. Their is no code nocheck engine just this problem
  4. It’s around 725-850 it jumps back and forth while idleing
  5. Alright caddy lovers I own a 1997 Deville and I just got hit with a issue idk if it’s big or small or what but no check engine light is on. Okay so when I go start my car up I have to give it some gas and keep my foot there for a little minute or my car will turn off. It sounds as if it turns off like either not getting enough juice from battery or not getting enough gas to engine. But everytime I start it up I have to press the gas or it will cut off on me and nothing is wrong with my car I mean besides this everything is good no problems I am going to need a new belt soon for engine but I know that can’t be the problem. So please somebody help me out idk what’s wrong with her like I said there isn’t any check engine light on and I just did tune up like 4 months ago. Thank you for your time. Smooth riddin. Also once not too long after this issue popped up I was driving and it felt like when I press the gas to speed up it wasn’t catching or something and then the car shook real ugly for like 1 minute so I stopped and pulled over but no check light came on or anything and it hasn’t happened since?!?!?
  6. Well the car was sitting for long time and barely start working on it and driving around we already change the fuel filter and couple same things but still need to put crank shaft sensor but pretty sure that will go away. We went to autozone to get computer read and it say for the code p1441 : Evap purge solenoid valve, Evap canister control valve. So not sure we’re these things are located I barely seen your reply so am going to check tomorrow when the light is up and see how that goes
  7. This is my first Cadillac it’s a deville 1997 and I been having problems with it but as of right now I went to autozone and they hook up computer and it said problem codes are p1441 p1599 and something about airbags but that’s iight so p1599 is crankshaft sensor and I got that down and replaced it also my fuel filter but my problem is everywhere on internet I look or videos I can’t find any with my car showing where the problem code p1441 Evap Purge Solenoid Valve and Evap Canister Control Valve are located!?!? Could somebody help me out? I been looking on internet and the car and can’t seem to locate it. I’d appreciate any help