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  1. I removed it .. that was easy and with removed sensor or lets say open circuit the system thinks: night ! .. and all the light work properly I try to clean the sensor surface .. the part below that mask and look what it helps .. otherwise will change it. For the moment can drive with it removed coz its wintertime. @ Rockband: very appreciate your inputs! well done @ all: final update next week
  2. Update: removed grille ... cleaned sensor ... wiring looks good as far it is visible, with grille removed function improved but not stable ... maybe out of 2 times 1 times it works (dash lights, dome lights and also head lights are on automatically if dark outside), installed sensor on grille .. again back to how it was before ... I will try to get a sensor and replace it ... I will splice it in or where is the connector? is it easily accessible? the blue sensor must be the troublemaker update will follow
  3. Hi rockfangd, I was abroad last week .. now will attack the sensor, I come back with updates in some days, Thanks!
  4. Hi rockfangd, first I covered the sensor you mentioned: No improvement, dash stays dark then I checked my domelights (interior lights), they come ON only by turning the light switch to fully clockwise position, means manually switched ON, they do not come ON when I am opening any doors 😞 out of 50 rides everything functions normal during one ride .... any idea about the location of the fuse panel in the trunk .. want to check all those fuses coz had some moisture in the trunk. thanks for advices
  5. Hi Guys, on my 97 Seville the integral lights of the dashboard are mostly off even during nighttime .. inadvertently they are on on a ride .. next ride they are OFF ... so hard to read the speed 🙂 while tying to check dashboard fuses I couldn't locate the trunk fuse panel :-(( ... on my 93 seville ist on the left hand side fender . but here nothing. The owner manual says there is a fuse panel in the trunk. thanks in advance for inputs!
  6. Forgot to say thank you to everyone for the supporting infos. A white 96 Seville Northstar is approaching my fleet. Will touch down 28. Nov. 20. and of course he needs some attention and love from my side: Oil pan leaking, Pulldown motor tailgate door, and cabin polishing and probably that vacuum servo again :-II have fun, stay safe, hang loose and hope to hearing from you in another topic :-))
  7. So Guys, we can close the topic, i received the vacuum servo from the abroad (states) and installed it and ...... guess what? it is releasing the park brake like in the young days. Two ideas from my side to get the job better down: I took a wooden board (2 yards long) and place it lateral to car direction on ground and the other end on the door sill. Like a ramp. So you will get a better and more comfortable working position ... its almost lying in the bed. Next: the bolt which holds the vacuum servo (its only 1) is covered by the releasing rod. to get better access to unscrew with your ratchet grab the manual release handle and hold (i fixed it with tie wrap) it in the release position. This will shift the rod into red line position (see my Pic)so you get perfect access to the bolt. Finally i examined the removed servo ist diaphragm is leaking :-((
  8. Hi Guys, sorry was abroad for 2 weeks for work but now here the news: I disconnected the vacuum tube started car and moved out of neutral and there was solid vacuum! So i ordered the diaphragm! will keep you updated best regards from the Cadillac front
  9. hi guys, thank you very much for your answers & inputs... i know the manual release and that works fine ... but soon i need to go to annual tech check up and that means it has to work the normal way. So i want to fix it. I will check the vacuum green line. So far no issues with the climate control. is there any electrics involved .. i mean how is the valve (with the diaphragm) controlled? ... controlled by the ECM? I will come back with updates. brgds Andy
  10. Hi everyone, just from one day to the other the park brake of my 93 Seville doesn't release anymore. I normally not use it. Where should I attack the problem? Thanks guys for help and ideas
  11. after having properly sealed all 4 taillights and still finding condense water ... jam going home now and drill holes :-))
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