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  1. Been a while, i ended up selling the car to a junk yard and bought a new car. Great thing you are all doing by helping one another. Many thanks to all of you Guru's information and help.
  2. thank you fellas. i currently have all the parts shipped and now saving up to pay for the labor. i honestly think i can do it myself but i have no prior mechanic experience. ill update along the way.
  3. On another note, the fuel gage is not accurate. The digital cluster fluctuates. It never bother me as i keep track of the mileage with the trip meter. I get around 13.5 MPG and 230 with a full tank. I believe it holds 17 1/2 gallons. Sending unit?? Attached an older picture for illustration.
  4. Appreciate you identifying the frayed starter cable. Electrical tape will do.. I cleared the service engine soon light after I got the codes and drove for another few days. It almost stalled twice but i held the break down gave it a little bit of gas to keep it alive. I stopped driving the car since then. No lights came on during that time. This is what I'm ordering EGR ACDELCO 2145058 GM Original Equipment Spark plug wires ACDELCO 748Q GM Original Equipment Spark plugs ACDELCO 41950 Professional; Double Platinum Gap .050; Original Equipment & crankshaft sensor, ICM if it doesn't fix the problem Crankshaft sensor ACDELCO 213345 GM Original Equipment I have not changed the coolant, only topped off. Hopefully why my car runs hotter than it should. Thank you for bring that up. I'll be replacing the coolant, EGR, plug wires + spark plugs first and go from there.
  5. Hello everyone, i need help with my 1999 Cadillac Deville. I've owned it for one year now. Currently has 96,195 miles & had 94,300 when i purchased it. I have only done one oil change and regularly drive 4 miles to work, four back. Two weeks ago it began stalling because it was low on oil (about 1 qt) The check engine light came on first and then the oil light after stalling a few times. I topped it off to the correct level and the stalling seemed to stop. The oil light went away but the check engine light stayed on. The car normally idles at 625/650 rpm and is spiking down to 500 and sometimes randomly drops to 0 were it stalls... It runs around 200/215 F*. After reading a similar post could the wires plugs possibly have something to do with it? NorthstarAJ mention it in a different post, "Bad plug wires cause 4X codes and stalling" 2nd page. I attached a picture of the only funky wire that i could find and one of my plug wires. Also, before all of this happened the car seem to jerk in between the speeds of 30mph to 40 but it never stalled or had any check engine light come on. I pulled the codes and got (1350 ECM engine component module/ Ignition Control System?), (1375 - crankshaft sensor), (1377 - IC Cam Pulse To 4X Reference Pulse) and (0404p - EGR exhaust gas recirculation Open Position Performance). Thank you for any help, information i can get.