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  1. @BodybyFisher Are removing the covers to check this a simple task? Or does it involve pulling the engine
  2. @BodybyFisher oh wow I see I’m not the only one that has ran into this problem. Thank you for connecting us. But in reference to the CAM sensor, I did replace it around the same time I replaced the crankshaft sensors. After replacement it started ran for maybe 5-10 seconds and died out again. When attempting to re start it the 2nd time it wouldn’t
  3. @BodybyFisher just got car back out of shop 2 weeks ago. Before I sent it in it started with a little help from some starter fluid. It ran for about 1 minute with a bad misfire and would only stay running with my foot on the gas until it eventually died out. We tried to restart it again afterwards with no success. I checked the codes again and it was still showing the P0016 cam code along with a P0300 code misfire code. Checked the price of parts and labor which came out to be $1500 for labor and another $1800 for a used engine with low miles. With that being said looks like a good project for me and my dad to work on to cut the cost way down ?. Is there any other advice or anything else I should look into trying before beginning on the long journey?
  4. @BodybyFisherLow compression on cylinders 1-2. Guess I’ll be looking into a engine replacement ?
  5. I've changed the fuel filter and checked for pressure on the fuel rail by pressing the valve stem it had fuel coming out of both but I haven't actually ran a fuel pressure test on it yet
  6. When it does start from me holding down the gas it does pop and backfire until it slowly dies out
  7. I can confirmed I disconnected the battery, it actually died with me trying to continuously start it ? So a battery replacement was the next step because it has a dead cell. I've thought maybe it could be a faulty part. Is there a way to check this or would I just need to order another crank sensor?
  8. I was worried about if it did jump timing or the tensioner being bad. If that is the case around how much am I looking to spend at the shop to get it fixed?
  9. I've read some places about a relearn procedure being required and the only person to do it was gm dealer. Is there any truth behind this? i put the code reader on it and that was the only code to have shown past and current
  10. Need help and or advice. I have a 2004 Cadillac deville that hasn't started since February. Car drove fine until I got home one day and it started to have a bad hesitation/misfire until it died. I restarted it and th hesitation/misfire continued until it died and never started again. I've changed the crankshaft A/B sensor and the camshaft sensor with still no luck, I even changed the wire harness for the crankshaft a sensor. Can anybody give me any insight in what's going on or point me in the righhere direction. I can continuously try start it, sometimes it'll turn over but will die soon after. Codes that are shown are P0016
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