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  1. 4 minutes ago, Logan said:

    Wow.....great pics. It clearly shows the fresnel lens is different. 

    I don't think you can buy just the glass part. I know they have clips on there that make you think they can be replaced. Looks like the export ones have single bulb....US ones have low and high beam. The export ones also have the 'Guide' name on them. 

    I would suggest getting some US Spec units.....along with some of the harness to swap the bulb connector set up. 

    Looks like used lamps are pulling in decent money....most of these cars in the US have gone to car heaven. 

    It is a shame. These are great looking cars. When it comes to changing just the glass front lens it is glued in by some type of black silicone and there 2 clips. My concern is that after changing glass lens it maybe shatter beam completely since the us models have different bulbs for high and low beams while EU models have only one thus different lens structure.large.Caddy.jpg.c1fb302a9a172b532f175f706f11a416.jpg

  2. Hi guys. Anyone has any idea whether replacing front glass on the UK export model headlights for the ones from the US model could help to get both beams correctly? My car is actually LHD version that was purchased in London but now this car is in central europe where obviously light beams dont fit since it is LHD area. This Europen model has adjustable headlights but despite maximum adjustments they still blind. Im thinking exchanging just front glass from the US model could help. Thanks for advice. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, BodybyFisher said:

    Why thank you.. But, in reality, I learn from you, while trying to help you, so we both benefit here.  Thanks

    See this thread.   I know that prior to 96, snapshots could be retrieved through the dash, I am not sure that is true after 95.  When your P0101 sets, it stores a snapshot to be able to see what went wrong, it should be stored in your PCM as long as the battery hasn't been disconnected.   I will continue to research this.   The fellow in this thread has a 2000, and he got a message that a snapshot was taken.  


    If u send me your email I will send u a picture of my previous transmission problem I was talking about. Thx

  4. 10 minutes ago, BodybyFisher said:

    It is very easy to figure out but you must retrieve the snapshot data to know what set it.

    When the P0101 sets it saves a snap shot of what went wrong.  By comparing that data to norms you will see what set it.

    Do you have access to a tech2?

    I will look later to see if there is a way to access the snapshot data through the dash.  

    Unfortunately I dont. I have basic obd scanner. Im based in europe so i will have to visit caddilac dealer about this. Too bad we got warm weather in 80's temp.so car reacts absolutely fine

  5. On 4/26/2018 at 1:15 PM, BodybyFisher said:

    @milansky maybe I wasn't clear.  I know you are speaking about the screen.  It was unclear why the screen kept popping out.  It seems odd that you needed to devise a system to hold it in.

    Hi. Slightly different topic. Have u ever assisted anyone on this forum with rough idle after engine start problem during cold weather? I get P 0101code awhile after start when engine shakes as crazy but it disappears as soon as engine warms up and rough idle settles. No other codes or vacuum leaks. No fuel related leaks. If IAC valve is responsible for proper air+fuel mixture during cold start with air temperatures around 32 up to 60F, could that be a problem?

  6. 5 hours ago, BodybyFisher said:

    Thanks for looping back.  Did it have to do with the bracket?  @milansky

    No. Bracket intended for solenoids were not the case. There are small click-on pins that hold solenoids in place. It was all about that small screen and probably small original Oring on screen that simple popped out. We drilled very small and short hole (about 2milimiters) for miniature screw to hold it in. The screen im talking about.

  7. Here is update on 1996 Seville stuck in second gear: If your transmission is stuck in second gear make sure that O-ring on small screen/filter in between 2 shift solenoids in lower valve body holds that small screen in place all the way in. After transmission overhaul car was suffering in second gear only conditions over and over. No codes present. All solenoids replaced including screens and main filter. Will post a picture of what Im talking about after figuring out how to get a photo in here.

  8. 7 minutes ago, BodybyFisher said:

    The maximum file size ks 500 megs.  0.2 megs is 200 meg no?    It is possible that as a long term member and part time moderator that my file size ceiling is higher.  Photobucket no longer allows third party linking and that created problems.

    I am not sure why your screen keeps popping out, I had never heard that happening before.  

    Rockauto while cheap can sometimes send stuff out that was returned and there are missing parts.  Maybe you were suppose to get a bracket?  

    I think you found your problem.

    I will let all members know after assembly.

  9. 11 hours ago, BodybyFisher said:

    The screen in this photo is the one you speak of correct?  Maybe that is your problem.  Are the shift solenoids the new design with bracket?  Maybe it is not installed correctly?

    What valve body did you replace?

    We are looking for second gear starts.  

    The torque converter was not replaced and could distribute clutch material, what does the pan show?  If you have ANY debris, you are spinning your wheels.  We know that the P0741 damages the TC clutches and can spew clutch material.  

    Have you looked at this?




    Hi. Yes, that´s the screen I was talking about. Unfortunately I have new solenoids but without bracket. Purchased via rockauto.com. I replaced the lower valve body and reinstalled shift solenoids and small screen in between solenoids just like you pictured. All screen, filter are new also via rockauto.com.

    Regarding TConverter, tranny pan is clean no residue at all. After replacing lower valve body and putting refiltered AT fluid transmission worked fine, no whining, really smooth ride and shifting. Next day car ended up stuck in second gear ONLY with no codes at all. After removing pan I found that screen about quarter of inch popped out. I would post a photo for others to see but max.total size is 0,2MB. What? How did you manage upload photos on here? There is no way photo above is 0,2 MB. Thanks.

    By the way. Im getting a bracket to secure the lower valve body screen in position, cant trust that original Oring. After getting car running I will put update here.

  10. Solenoids and main plug readings are fine. The only thing we need to figure out is what is causing that small screen filter in between shift solenoid to pop out. O-ring on that filter seems strong enough to hold in place in lower valve body but something is forcing it out. It is second time we found it popped out about quarter of inch and it is after fully functioning transmission ended up being stuck in second gear. Is it possible for pressure switch located on lower valve body to force fluid under incorrect pressure to push out that small screen? This could be the reason for loss of fluid pressure in lower valve body.

  11. 39 minutes ago, BodybyFisher said:

    I have seen problems with the main plug cause 2nd gear starts.

    You can test resistance through the plug of the shift solenoids have you done that?

    Main plug will be checked tmrw. Resistance of solenoids will be checked tommorow. They are brand new ones with new lower valve body just to make sure. All other solenoids were changed as well. The thing is that after changing lower valve body with fluid drained car worked fine smooth shifts as well. On next day again only second gear. 

  12. Just now, milansky said:

    No. TC was not changed. That flushing u r talking about was while D engaged with brake on or just in P normal idle?

    Also the reason for thorough flush is the reason of tranny being stuck in second gear again. All after tranny overhaul. It is second time Im flushing tranny since after lower valve body replacement tranny worked fine. Below I mentioned that after second lower valve body removal I found that small filter between shift solenoids was popped out. Could that be a reason for pressure changes that influenced shift solenoids and limp mode results? Second gear only

  13. 4 hours ago, BodybyFisher said:

    I would never do that.  Why are you trying to flush the tranny further than a simple drain?

    I have 'flushed' fluid through the oil cooler lines.  Direct the return into a 5 gallon bucket, start engine, as soon as the line spits air, shut engine off.  Fill with clean fluid.  

    Was the torque converter changed?

    No. TC was not changed. That flushing u r talking about was while D engaged with brake on or just in P normal idle?

  14. Just noticed on lower valve body that small filter close to shift solenoids popped out again about half inch or so. I used a new filter with O ring. Could that be reason for tranny going into limp mode being stuck in second? Just to mention. After replacing all solenoids and filters due previous problems car worked fine. Next day bam. From first into second and thats it. I removed lower valve body again and there it is. Little filter popped out.

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