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  1. In the trunk,i take it??? Im trying to keep everything "original"...as well. That is my last resort,to replace the sound system.
  2. Question...So if I wanted to install an "aftermarket" CD stereo head unit,whats the difficulties,if the old unit just unplug with one plug...and the antenna??? I know there's a "module" that has to be purchased to retain the steering wheel radio controls. Thanks...
  3. Thanks for the reply back. All disc's are store bought. No personal "burned" discs. The Caddy is a "Sedan D'ville D'elegance",and yes...its "column" shifted. I haven't taken it out,but yes,the dash colored trim piece...just pops right off. And I saw the "clips",on each side of the radio...that holds it in place. Question...Now i have "disconnected" the battery cable,to try and "reset" the radio. The "theft deterrent" did not activate. Now if I take the radio out of the dash,and unplug it...will the radio theft deterrent,"kick in"...thinking the radio is being "stolen"??? I am mechanicly inclined,and I can open the radio up to see if their's dust,or old grease that has "infiltrated"or soiled parts that the two dosent belong...and clean it with electrical contact cleaner...that instantly dries on contact. Im trying to do everything possible,myself...because if what I do doesn't help,hell...I might as well buy an aftermarket head unit...and call it a day. The cassette works "beautifully"...like its never been used. I got the S.D'ville at an estate sale. It had 50,000m on the clock,no rust...and from an older couple. Other than regular maintaince...she's ok(Northstar.) She has 83,000 on her now,and new struts&springs are in order. I tried to post pics of her,and the radio...but it says they are too large. Navy blue,with navy blue leather interior. No sunroof...
  4. Yes...Its a factory in dash,single disc unit. And yes,its a RDS radio. Yes...The little disc icon is "solid". It spits the disc out,and says...DISC ERROR. It spits out the disc cleaner,too.
  5. Hi guys...Was listing to CD's on my GM factory CD player,the day before...no probs. The very next day,put the disc back in the CD player,and the CD player displayed...CD ERROR. I tried to insert a CD cleaning disc,it "kicked" it back out saying again...CD ERROR. The other CD's are "store bought" CD's...NO "bootlegs or re-writes. Need help with this. Thanks...
  6. Hey guys...Yes,its a typo. Its a 99 D'ville. Sorry...
  7. Hey guys. Got a 09 D'Ville D'Elegance. While driving the dash accessory lights(radio,remote controls on steering wheel,window controls,dianostic buttons...etc)blinks "on&off" constantly. How can i remedy this "irritating" issue??? Thanks guys...