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  1. i am going to try all that you suggested and i will let you know what i find , we can do this i have no other chose ,there is no one here in my area that i trust if cadillac can't fix it after giving them all the parts they ask for i will just have to do more research
  2. thank you for the pictures and you time, I have a compressor that look almost brand new from the same car, if it not to difficult to swap i would like to try do i disconnect the battery first or not? please walk me through it if you don't mind I would like to see the green light up on the dashboard once again i am going to check the fuse under the dash i know from the owners manual where it is and its a 20 amp fuse getting close to solv the mystery of the level ride syndrome _____( good luck right)

  3. Thank you very much, I know now that i am at the end of this nerve racking horror, I will try to explain the whole story, i am not a mechanic but if told i can follow. I replaced the level ride hight sensor under the car, not me the service man at cadillac i gave the part, plus the relay under the dash they tell me that the shocks are good no leakes and the compressor was good at the time i gave them the car now after they told me that they fixed the car but the compressor was weak i went and purchased another one just incase, you told me to check the fuse for the lrc under the dash that i can do i know where they are i looked under the car and the level ride hight sensor is attached to the frame and is plugged in if i did not explain this correctly please correct me i would like this to work the car was not abused or changed in any way. everything works just fine even the wiper washer sensor tell you when it need water. i remember that the light did go on last year when i went up a incline driveway. JIM