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  1. Okay I found it inside the car under glove box will do test tomorrow it got late on me thanks
  2. I don't see it is the picture you sent the exact one that should be on my car?
  3. Is there supposed to be pressure on fuel pressure gauge when key is set to The on position? Cause I don't have pressure. When I turn engine on ( running ) I get 10lbs of pressure and it stays there, but the engine dies after a while . I changed fuel filter, replaced vacuum lines . Can't tell if injectors are good cause car won't stay running long enough to chec
  4. Is there a part 6 on fuel on fuel system diagnostics chart? If so can I see it? And is there a picture of the fuel regulator and where it's positioned on the '82 Cadillac Coupe Deville HT 4100 V8 engine? Thank you for your time
  5. Thank you KHE, I'm still charging battery but that's sounds like a good plan now I whent to the parts store last night and bought all new vacuum lines and hose clamps. So today I'm gonna re place that and also can I get a vacuum sequence diagram if any one has one I've been lookin on line but can't seem to get one. And if a pic to show where the fuel regulator is located and which line to check for fuel thank you so much
  6. Okay I did the onboard diagnostic on my car and it read some numbers. Numbers were 21, 26, 27, 31, 35, 52. and the Econ button light was on, the lo button light was on, and the auto button light was on. Now my car is having a hard time starting and I drained my battery. One question though, does the car have to be running for the diagnostic procedure? Because, the car was running then died when I did this, and then I did it again without car running. So let me know if I'm doing this right. Thanks
  7. Thanks Bruce I'll check to see if get codes and get back to you. Thanks
  8. My Cadillac is a 1982 coupe Deville, how would I get my codes for my car? does my car have this feature being it's an older model?
  9. Hi Bruce sorry I had to go to work, I hope I'm doing this' right (the reply). Any way I have black smoke coming out of the tail pipe , haven't run no diagnostic test on it cause I have no equipment to do so. I was hoping you could send me in the right direction as to helping me troubleshoot through my problems, so I guess I can start by asking if there's any way I can get like a diagram of the fuel regulator and how it works, and where the vacuum lines are supposed to be, and if possible the wiring diagram to the fuel regulator so I can see if all connections and vacuum hose are properly p
  10. My 1982 coupe Deville started bogging out like it's not getting enough fuel or it like chokes itself out. After trying to start it up it would not start. So I changed the spark plugs and wires and car started up again, only to die off after a couple of seconds. So I figured I wasn't getting fuel. So I changed the fuel filter and it started but it runs really rough and shakes terrible. Shut the car off and I noticed smoke out the passenger side window. I looked under the car to see where smoke was coming from and the catalytic converter was glowing red and very hot? Don't know where to begin in
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