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  1. Thank you OldCadTech. I'll take that advice and see what I can do about that. I appreciate the help, seriously.
  2. She said she had made a few stops that day she drove the car and it wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. It started and drove fine. No noises and no indications that the car was going to give her trouble. She said she parked and went into McD's and when she came out the car wouldn't start. Like it was out of gas but the tank is full. She had the car towed by AAA to some garage her sister and friend had recommended. I don't think the garage did anything to the car personally but I can't get any information from her on it for some reason.
  3. that is why i had it towed back to my driveway. I didnt understand why or what they were saying and when we paid the bill they didnt give us a copy of the diagnostics. It seemed a bit non logical to me. The car just keeps turning like it's out of gas. Unfortunately i wasnt in the car when it died so I don't know any of the pre dying process and she just said it seemed like it ran out of gas the way it wouldn't start? I'm just totally lost on this one and I'm in this car for 8000.00 and not finished paying it off. The car ran great for me until last month.
  4. I need help with my used 2007 Cadillac CTS. I purchased it almost 2 years ago And it has run well till this winter. so the check engine light started blinking, then eventually went to a steady lighting. Finally I had a couple issues with starting on cold days or nights but it would start. The car started 6 or 8 times the last day it died in a parking lot. My friend had it towed to a local garage. The garage at first said it was the fuel delivery system but hadn't done diagnostics. The garage did diagnostics and said the camshaft pressure on the passenger side was reading very low to no pressure at all. Can someone explain to me what happened. I had the vehicle towed to my driveway because the mechanic said the engine was wasted and it would cost less to buy a new car. The car turns over but won't start. It seems like its a timing belt issue or fuel pump issue. The engine is not seized. So where do I go from here? Anybody please give me some guidance.