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  1. OK I will do that. Thanks for the heads up on the state rule for milage. I will update you in a couple days
  2. I understand what you are telling me but I will not take it to any shop but thankyou for the consern on the shops wanting to take advantage of me. I will goto the junk yard and get a used cluster and if the lights work I will pull the EEprom from my cluster and install it in the junk yard cluster. does this sound like a valid repair,
  3. Ok I checked all of the fuses they looked to be good. My battery is in the front not under the rear seat cushion. I did check the fuses behind the rear seat and noticed one fuse that had no power to it or coming out of it. It is a 30 amp fuse. Let me go back and locate the ign 1 fuse and double check its status. be right back.
  4. OK I did this and the problem is still the same. there is indicator lights across the top of the inst. pannel like security service engin soon the oil and some others. but it is the speed omidor gas and maybe back lights I am not sure what all elese there might be that does not light up.
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