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  1. Is anyone familiar with doing a total EVAP Delete procedure on a 2005 STS w/4.6L Northstar? John
  2. That makes sense because my car came with the standard suspension package but has the 4.6L Northstar Engine that still has plenty of get up and go, the engine is mounted front to back which does generate a little twist if you have a heavy foot, but I baby my cars and never abuse them but think you are right, the handling would improve and make it stick to the road better, Thanks for the imput!, John Sprague, Oshkosh, WI
  3. Here's what they show in the service manual, it makes sense but I always do not see them and they are made from the factory from different years as bars to almost a box frame piece that is made of aluminum and attaches not directly to the struts but the surrounding circle supports. Cross Frame Member.pdf
  4. I have a 2005 STS with RWD and the 4.6 Northstar, I think the handling would improve with this brace, but does anyone know if this was standard equipment on this car or mine is just missing, I really can't tell if one was there or not, does anyone know?, John
  5. I have to apologize to being a little short in this post this car has really has tried my patience because it just seemed like it was just one thing after another, I would get one thing fixed and 2 or 3 things would go wrong, some things would be as odd as the dash defroster nozzle just crumbling into pieces and the tail light needing to be replaced, problems with the emission stuff, the list goes on, and the worst was really just finding Service Manuals which I finally did, the doing my repairs out in the heat and humidity of Wisconsin just made me Crabby, so if anyone read my posts and thought I was a real jerk, I am sorry, I will be much more respectful in the future. John
  6. I was able to find step by step information for this, thanks, John
  7. I am replacing my EVAP Canister on my 2005 Cadillac STS, I mainly need help by someone that has done this before so he or she can tell me what is the easiest path to remove it once it is free, the connections and wiring I can do and understand, but if you have done it before you know that it is in very tight quarters, if someone could help me with that I would really appreciated it. That's really all I need to know, please don't ask me why I'm replacing it or any busy questions, thanks, John
  8. Well to update what I did, I did purchased a pair of aftermarket shocks, they went on really easy and they work just fine, they are not as heavy duty as the originals but the new were was over priced and the used were way over priced, if I need to beef up my suspension I can do a coil over shock with a nice Monroe shock and put a better coil on there also, I am sure that a reliable shop has figured out how to rebuild my old shocks that look structurally sound, if someone know anyone let me know, Thanks, John Sprague Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  9. Quite honestly I don't have the money to replace them with new, and I don't trust any shock skinny replacement because it looks like the shock has alot to do with the stability of the rear body. This car was a mess when I got from my brother, so far I saved it from the junk yard to a daily runner, 8mpg to 20mpg, I never would have bought a Cadillac but this one is kind of growing on me.
  10. Can the original rear shock absorber that came with the car, AD Delco 540-522 be rebuilt instead of having to be replaced with new, if so is there a kit that I can do it or a place that will recondition them?. Thank You. John Sprague Oshkosh, Wisconsin