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  1. Ok, yeah that makes sense. Thank U OldCadTech! Just get a little nervous with these Northstars, trying to stay ahead of that overheating curse!! But I love them. Its my third Eldo but the other 2 were 94, 98 this ones 2001 so hopefully not gonna get the HG disease. Thanks again Brother, PEACE
  2. Ok great, Thanks. That's cool to see the actual numbers included in the temp gage! Now how bout if the upper hose is like solid hard but the temp is still right at normal. Cause that's also happened a few times, that's why I got a little nervous when I could squeeze it! Didn't know if I was loosing pressure some where. But there's no leaks!!
  3. Well don't know if its a stupid question! But I've had my car for 6 months and the temp gage has always stayed at 12 o'clock. Latley I've noticed its started to move barley a 16th of an inch hotter an back, I've also noticed the upper radiator hose went from being solid hard to now I can actually squeeze it when its hot? IDK which is supposed to be right or if there's a problem or not. 2001 eldorado with 44 thousand miles, runs beautiful! Any Help
  4. Oh Wow, OK that makes sense! I've just never noticed that before an this is my 3rd Eldo. Thanks guys I appreciate it
  5. I was just under the drivers side dash replacing a bulb, there is a bright yellow metal handle up there and you can move it back and forth but I don't have a clue what its for??? Anybody have an idea!
  6. 2001 eldorado, just got the " low refrigerant / a/c compressor off " message! I haven't been using the a/c because a noise in the blower motor when on High. But I wanna try and charge it to see what happens? Where do I start!
  7. Could be! Gonna clear the codes to see what happens, if it comes back i will have to try the battery disconnect! Just got the car back,my daughter had to borrow it over night. So now I'm gonna first try a lighter from a different car an if it still blows the fuse I'm gonna take the front ashtray n lighter assembly out to try an trace wires to see if maybe there's a short somewhere. If I can't find it then I'm gonna take the back lighter apart also, will see!!
  8. Actually have tried just the charger with the hood up an checked the fuse, it was OK. Then I'd go an plug the phone in and it wouldn't register a charge! So went back under the hood n the fuse would be blown. I'm gonna have to remove the ashtray door an try to pull out all the ashtray and lighter socket to see if I can trace it down if I wanna use it bad enough I guess. Hey thanks for all the response, I will definatley be talking with ya more.
  9. Yes I did check both front and back sockets, nothing in neither one. An the fuse doesn't blow as soon as I put it in the fuse box. But as soon as I push the lighter in, either front or back one then the fuse goes! They've been that way since I've had the car. I finally just gave up on trying to use them. But it would be nice to figure it out, I would love to be able to at least charge my phone when I'm out driving.
  10. Ok good! Yeah I'm gonna check the PCM connection again first an if I can't come across anything I'll try disconnecting the battery! Then see what happens. Thanks. Hey also while I have someone that knows these Caddys, any ideas on both my cig lighters blowing out as soon as I try one. I've replaced fuses twice but can't seem to find the problem! I've checked to make sure there were no coins fallin in them that would cause a short. Its not that big of a deal but I would like to be able to charge my phone with either of them. Just thought I would ask.
  11. Hope I'm answering you back OldCarTech, Sounds Good, I'm gonna check the PCM connects again a little later! But about disconnecting both battery terminals, I've read that can cause some other issues besides the minor radio having to be reprogrammed. Any truth to the computer having to relearn certain stuff?
  12. Not sure why I'm having so much trouble with these posts!! I'm confused as to if I'm answering people back or not, I feel like I'm making it harder then it is. I'm really not an idiot! Promise, Ha Ha!
  13. Hey I'm not sure if I responded back to you! It looked like I just answered my own post myself. I'm still new to all this forum stuff Sorry!! Did you see my respons?
  14. Hey rockfangd, I'm not sure if I sent a post back to your response to my question or if I actually answered my own question!! Sorry I'm new to all this forum stuff but I really like this site. An thanks for the Welcome, I appreciate it. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

  15. Hey I'm not sure if I responded back to you! It looked like I just answered my own post myself. I'm still new to all this forum stuff Sorry!! Did you see my respons?
  16. OldCadTech, great response! I did remove the intake filter box to get to the radiator drain plug but I don't think I disturbed anything. Also if I had a bad PCM wouldn't it light up some kind of message? The only reason I found that code was because I was checking DIC for blower motor noise. The car has been running n driving fine! Very low mileage, 43,460
  17. rockfangd, the reason I was checking codes is a noisy blower motor sound coming from driver side dash when I put the fan on high! An I'm nervous about disconnecting the battery cause I've red it can through some things outta wack.
  18. I pulled a code P1627 current but can't find any info on it! All im seeing is A/D performance or ECM?? Any Help!
  19. Rocco Mattero

    Rocco Mattero

    This is my 01 Eldo, my Baby! Only 43,461 miles.
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