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  1. Thanks do you know where I could have it made ?
  2. I have a 94 Eldorado with a 4.6. the ac hose that comes off the condenser back to the compressor got broke. so I figured buy a new 1 well part has been discontinued from gm and to find a salvage part has been impossible. is their anywhere else to purchase the part I need elsewhere. the gm part number is 3542340.
  3. wanted to update turned to be computer was bad thanks for all the help
  4. I am getting i034 and stop engine low oil wait message and traction disabled without it running when switch is 1st turned on everything works then 5 secs later fuel range goes out you can also go into the information button and it will not show engine temp I had a thread were I was getting a p073 engine over heat problem but engine would not be hot I believe you helped me with that also any help will be greatly appreciated
  5. No work of that kind it just started going crazy 1 day and hasn't been the same have had car since 08 with no problem until now with p073 I was getting now this I'm thinking pcm
  6. OK thanks for help I'll try some things before ipc I hope that's not what it is but thanks again I'll post what I find
  7. my outside temp still shows on display where climate control is. you can clear ipc codes and everything will show for about 5 secs. when you try to go into pcm to check that it just says no pcm data.i have another topic where I used to get a p073 it went away now I get this problem.
  8. Are you talking about the instrument panel in the dash. I'm kinda leaning towards computer the door chime just started going off with all doors closed. This has became a nightmare . Is there any other model Cadillac computer that will work on my Eldorado?
  9. It's also showing stop engine low oil I also was having trouble with temp jumping a while back and it would say stop engine with just turning switch on