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  1. Always in my opinion check that pesky FPR for a leak , if the diaphragm is compromised it will leak fuel and be drawn into the vacume hose connected to the nipple of the FPR which in my case caused backfires often . With the engine running remove the vacume hose for a minimum of ten seconds if you get any fuel leaking then it's pretty safe to say your fuel pressure regulator needs to be replaced I also had a headliner fire due to this issue , usually when this happens the headliner has absorbed some combustibles (old motor oil) and when the anti backfire valve does it's job the headliner catch
  2. I will see if I can find a piece of the gaske that blew out of the anti backfire I can tell you the one piece I did have is orange like the rest of the gaskets forte manifold , project begins tomorrow so you all will be updated periodically as I'm sure I will have questions ! ?
  3. Once again you fellas have saved the day i have scrolled countless diagrams way above my understanding , if you ask me the wave add charecter lol thank youjim!!!!
  4. I will take heed an follow your advice / directions religiously fisher ! I can't say how much of a relief it is to have such ready and wise information god bless this site and enthusiast like fisher !!
  5. Fisher thank you a million for all of the information you answered every question I had to come !! An yes after the car would sit a while I would get very violent backfires which is when I realized there was a orange gasket hanging from the anti backfire valve I preferred the victor reinz intake manifold gasket set and should have it ere by tomorrow although I haven't been able to get a clear answer on what all it will include . Also while removing the throttle body I didn't encounter anything other than a metal gasket is tht normal ?
  6. Jim there I enough fuel puddled that wen I remove the throttle body it's clearly visible , and do you mean to pull the plugs or wires and how would I "spin" the engine , I apologize for my lack of knowledge I'm just getting into working on my own cars but again I am confident Fisher yes sir when I would remove the vacume line fuel would spit out constantly I have since replaced the FPR and no more leaking , the plug at the end of the intake manifold did however blow out the orange gasket which is why I ordered a whole new set ?
  7. Hello everyone I am having a very similar problem but in my case I believe that my FPR was leaking into the intake through the vacume hose , I've replace the FPR now and need to air out and clean my now wet intake manifold . I've never done this my self but I'm very optimistic and would just like a few pointers if anyone has them on removing and reinstalling my intake manifold and new victor reinz gasket set I will be putting it back together with
  8. Hello I have a base 97 deville and simply need to know what each of the relays in the trunk control I have one small relay center behind the passenger rear seat and bother larger on the back of the drier rear seat ?
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