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  1. Kate Mulgrew was a great panelist too, if you get a chance to speak, give a shout-out from DragonCon, we'll miss her. She is also great in Orange is the New black. Jealous of you meeting Picardo and Dawson. DragonCon website Thread successfully hijacked.
  2. Heading to DragonCon in Atlanta tomorrow (Thursday through Monday) to hang out with 70K+ of my closest friends. Shatner and few others are going to be there. Sir Patrick Stewart has been our favorite panelist for the past couple years. Of course, hoping Jeri Ryan is back again...
  3. slight update/retraction.... Not the gasket, as I was mistaken when I thought the water jacket in the TB was exposed to the gasket. It's not. There is a crack in the throttlebody. That's something I would not have expected, but this car has led a hard life with the previous owner... For example, even though the body shows no damage, the frame is bent enough to make alignment impossible, even with all new front suspension and control arms... Again, I would like to express true gratitude to the forum for your efforts.
  4. Resolved. The 'paper' gasket between the throttle body and the EGR spacer/block was allowing coolant to weep up into the throttlebody bore. It was probably drawn up into the bore by the venturi effect of the intake air rushing past the imperfection. The throttlebody itself is cracked at the water jacket. Once in the bore, it went into the EGR spacer/block and pooled against the intake manifold lip before being carried over the lip into the intake manifold. Because the manifold is molded with valleys and ribs for structural strength, it also has traps for the unexpected coolant to p
  5. Smells and feels like coolant, also green. If it's there again tomorrow I'll taste it... Are you able to see the images? Some are better than others, the first ones that show still have the EGR block installed, the last two are just the manifold. The last two make it easier to see the puddle in the first valley.
  6. Kevin, you posted while I was replying... When I said it was in the valley, I meant inside the intake manifold, in the depressions, not in the valley between the heads under the intake manifold. I apologize if I wasn't clear. But, to your point, assuming it's not the TB heater circuit, is there a water jacket that could crack allowing coolant to get into the intake at the driver side end of the manifold? I'm hoping the picture I included (link actually) works in the previous post, it shows the deep green coolant in the first two depressions (valleys), with the closest one having mo
  7. If it's coming from the throttle body, it's not actually difficult. There is a flat gasket between the TB and the spacer, the gasket forms a wall of the coolant passage below the throat. I didn't see any evidence of a leak at the gasket, but bypassed the TB anyway. Again, I'm still in troubleshooting mode. I have images of the coolant in the intake, if I can figure out how to get them from the new phone to the chromebook.... I'm going to try something here.... link to shared images of coolant hell No idea if that will work... Anyway, cleaned out the intake again, bypass
  8. The good news is that the Block Tester test (from the Department of Redundancy Department) showed no combustion gases in the coolant. Pretty happy about that. I have the intake system apart again to dry out the intake manifold and will bypass the TB warming coolant circuit during reassembly. I'll also drop a clean plug into that #7 slot, clear the codes, and hope for a simple solution...
  9. Thanks for the help! The plug wires are also new, installed with the new plugs to avoid creating carbon tracking... I am going to take both bits of advice, bypassing the TB, and doing the coolant test. I'm really hoping it's not a headgasket, simply because even though I've found I enjoy working on the intake and ignition systems, I don't like to actually crack open a block.
  10. First post here, but not a total newb to wrenching on cars. Son-in-law brought me his new to him 97 Deville, that his mechanic couldn't repair a P300 (random misfire) and P307 (confirmed cylinder 7 misfire) issue that is keeping him from getting the car tagged. I repeated the original work, and did some more. Fresh plugs and wires, replace the coil associated with cylinder 7 because of a corroded terminal, and repaired several vacuum leaks. When I had the throttlebody and the spacer block (EGR port) out to clean them I noticed liquid inside the intake manifold, in the valleys. I'm
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