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  1. There is a 2001 i. The parts yard thays is in great condition .50000 mile bumper needs paint because its red and my car is black, but im in school for that so no big deal. My question is if i take the new bumper cover off will the new aborbers come off with it or are they attached to the bumper behind the bumper cover? How hard are they too remove ?i am gonna rake a look tomorrow.
  2. So when the person backed in to me it was at about 1 mile an hour . There was a car behind me and i couldnt go anywhere so i jusy layed onto the horn as he slowly horrifficly backed into me with his truck at about 1 or 2 miles an hour without hearing me yelling or honking at him. Now my question is ,with that kind of low impact would i be needing to replace any of those two stage energy absorbers. I noticed your post said it would need replacemwnt aftet a high speed impact but that was not a high speed impact ,it was very slow . However it is stuck in an off center position so i am guessing i
  3. I mean the cornering lights on the eldorado that are on the very side of the car in the two part housing heaglight fixture in The front. Its the same housing the blinker is in , and the light that comes on only when your lights are on and it only comes on when you use your blinker on that side . Those cornering lights seam loose because the whole front bumper cover is lowered about an inch and a half and the lights rest on these inserts which are on top of the bumper. I will see if i can load a picture , for some reason i never have any luck loading pictures on here.
  4. Okay . Are there any tutorials for this job on youtube or elsewhere? Thank you
  5. The cornering lights dont seem to fit flush anymore , but with the bumper pushed down an inch it doesnt surprise me . Is there a place where the cornering lights hook into that can be adjusted? I noticed two slots and two screws holding the piece of plastic with the slots where the cornering light housing hooks into . Iam wondering if these can be moved up or down with the loosening of the screws.thanks for your help.
  6. But if the vapors are not being caight by the charcoal canister and the vapors are reused as has eventually i thought . Plus there is no vaccum seal i was think maybe a loose seal , but you are probably right . A rusted part, or seal, but i think the corrossion might be on a lower part of the car actually causing a small gas leak ,possibly in the tank. What the car is constantly saying even without pulling the dtc codes is check gas cap . I have only two trans codes, a p0440 and a p0741, and the more i read , these two codes are so common it seems like with these cars. I do have access to a 2
  7. Will the trans have to be dropped in order to clean the screens of all debris?
  8. Thank you . I will let you know how it goes.
  9. Recently someone backed into me and pushed my front bumper cover back a few inches and down one inch. I,have noticed that the cornering lights no longer sit flush and i want to take the bumper off and readjust it . I havent done this before and i have been trying to find a tutorial online . Does anyone know how i can achieve this so i can bend back the the mounts that hold my bumper cover . I just want to remove it so i can see what has been bent and hopefully once that has been readjusted the cornering lights will sit flush,and will no longer have a gap. Thanks
  10. I have a feeling its not the gas cap . I am trying to figure out how much the reairs for the filler tube would be so it will stop this code . I cant pass emissions with the p0440 here in austin.
  11. I have had this p0440 code on my 2000 eldorado esc for a while , amd i know i need to fix it . I have no pressure when i remove the gas cap . What are the possible problems , amd possible fixes for this code ?I can smell gas faintly towards the rear of the car and have been getting low mileage as well. Any ideas .?how can i figure out what needs to be fixed to make this code go away?
  12. I think i need to jump on this trans before they crunch the car .its agood deal , i just have to hire someone to pull it for 250$ because i dont have the tools here in Austin . I will have to take it to Houston.
  13. Also if you would be so kind to hwlp me with this question . I have found a vinY 2001 eldorado esc in really good condition at the parts yard , and as luck would have it , it only has 50000 miles on it . They want 113.00 with a 30.00$ core charge . I have a 2000 esc viny eldorado . I have had several people at these yatds tell me it wont match up for some reason they thinkthat the 2000 eldorado has to have a 2000 eldorado transmission . I mean is this true ? It cant be right? I feel dilly even asking , but i have had about three yards tell me that .but onviously it cant be true becaise i have
  14. If i was to drain the fluid clean the screans and replace the torque converter , do you think this would make the p0741 code go away . I currently have money for the engine , but not the trans to be replaced . I will have the money for the trans in about 2 months . So if i could doctor it until that time ,or make the p0741 code go away that would be good, because i need to pass inspection . Apparently in the Austin City Limits I cannot have that code and pass inspection. However I talked to my teacher at my automotive restoration classes and he was telling me that they do not hold that against
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