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  1. I have checked the codes multiple times today, at no time do I get an option to clear the codes. (confused) Also, I've been searching for over an hour to try to find a diagram showing me where the FPR is located in order to follow your suggestion to check for a leak. (frustrated) Here are the codes that came up when I ran the check: PCM P1599 history, ACM B1340 history, ACM B1347 current, SDM U1255 history, no IPC codes, no TCS codes, no PZM codes, no IRC codes, no RFA, no MSN, no MMM, no PHN.
  2. Oldcadtech - no, no modifications were made. Yes, after fire extinguished, we looked for any burned wires, etc. nothing other than liner. So yes I continued to drive the car the remainder of the day and had no problems. WOW after reading TRAV97 posts, I'm thinking I may have a lot bigger issue, with all my problems affecting others. I do have a coolant leak as well, but I never see a puddle sitting on the ground anywhere. It apparently leaks out while I am driving it. Its a slow leak, I can drive it over 100 miles before my check coolant level message appears. My other problem is I always
  3. I love your little fireman, uh no, the cover is no longer there. lol
  4. my 1999 Deville (has Northstar) backfired when I started it the other day and caused a spark that set the hood liner on fire. I've never had problems with it before, and it hasn't done it since. The car had set for a few days, when I turned the key I let it set in the on position for the required amount of time, before I turned the key to start (as I always do this). It started right away, then a loud backfire. I sat there for a few minutes, car was still running, everything seems fine, so I left, as I got up the road about 500 yards, I started smelling something. I stopped, opened hood
  5. I've never needed to order parts before now. Who do you recommend for quality parts with the cheapest parts prices on line?
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