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  1. Good morning everyone. My 96 Seville SLS has 95K on it, and won't shift inot 4th gear. there are no codes and the only reason I noticed anything was that I was checking my gas mileage. then I noticed my RPMS were way up! I read some other posts about a solenoid I beleive. is there any other tests I can do before replacing the sloenoid? thank you in advance!
  2. Thank you for all of your responses. The car sits outside, and the morning that I noticed the temperature reading, it was about 71° outside.
  3. Good morning everyone. I own a 96 seville sls, 4.6l. I have had some over heating issues in the recent past and I noticed something odd this morning. I haven driven the car all weekend from Friday at about 6:00 pm until today Tuesday. When I started the car the DIC indicated that the car was already at 77°. Is that normal? If not what should I do first?
  4. Just an update from my drive home last night. It was 95 in stop and go traffic. I had the a/c on and the car didn't get above 215. Thank you all for your guidance. It made my life so much easier.
  5. After this experience I believe it! But it could have been worse. So its all good, and a learning experience.
  6. Yes. I bought a thermostat from Autozone. That is the first one I had and replaced on 7/17. I replaced that with the AC Delco last night.
  7. Honestly, I don't know what I did or didn't do, but after replacing the new radiator hoses, thermostat and cap, my emergency brake pedal works now. But thanks again for your responses and diagrams. The car seems to be running much cooler now. I think it was the thermostat I had replaced. I replaced that one with a GM model, and the car seems much cooler.I am sitting in the car now in 90 degree heat with a/c blowing and the temperature is at 203. Thanks again!
  8. It seems my vacuum supply was fine. However the service ride control on the dash fluctuates. Code rs0061 I think. I'll check the supply line on the intake as well when I get home tonight. Thanks again!
  9. Actually, I had removed it a few month back, but the diaphragm seemed fine so I continued to use it. The brake pedal would return real slow when the car was in gear.
  10. I was during the coolant today in anticipation of my new parts being delivered tomorrow. I figured I would flush the cooling system again with distilled water. I filled the cooling system and was going to park the car in the street before my daughter got home. And as luck would have it, my parking brake was stuck. I had the release it with the lever, but it will not disengage when the car is in gear. Where do I start on this one? What can cause this to happen?
  11. Yes, the mechanic said that he put the inserts into the block and used longer bolts I believe. Would the bulging radiator hose cause the temperature to rise?
  12. Thank you very much oldcadtech and bodybyfisher. I appreciate both of you for taking the time to answer my question. I'll replace both hoses and advise the results. Thanks again!
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