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  1. PS, I also had the replace the radiator cap, and unplug the cross over pipe, both seemed to fix the problem temporarily. And as far as balancing out the coolant, I will do this as soon as I can get it to hold coolant long enough. Rick
  2. Our problem started when my wife's 97 deville water pump drive belt idler froze and it overheated, after changing it, it started leaking around the radiator, after changing it, it started leaking around the front of the water pump, after swapping the front water pump gasket, I did a pressure test and had two leaks around the back of the engine, which I had a mechanic repair, shortly after getting it back, it started really heating up, so I pulled the thermostat, which seemed to help, but then it started overheating again, so we ran the block gases test and it passed with flying colors. That's when I discovered a leak around the passenger side rear engine area, so now I've got to pull those lines and either braze them are alumiweld them, not sure, I know not to run the car with the A/C on, which by the way I was able to get my front vents working with a suggestion I read on this forum, thank you very much, I also read a suggestion of removing the two front mounts and the lower mount to jack up the rear of the engine to get to the lines, what would you suggest about repairing the lines? Regards, Rick