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  1. Story of my repair is under this link. I didint use timesert. Unfortinatly. I think that I know already what You suspect (me too)
  2. Since time I wrote this topic, Navi start working and stop again. I found with diagnostic tool, that radio module read power voltage 15.5V, the other modules see proper voltage 13,2V Is inside part witch read voltage for each module? Or maybe there is some bad bit in memory. How to find this part or how to reset latched memory? Maybe solution is very simple.
  3. In fact, exhaust pipe are connected like on picture. Is another way to get coolant to exhaust? I chnage head gasket 8k miles ago, that's why I looking for another explanation if exists. If its head gasket, how to find witchone? It's nesessery to change both? Maybe I can find leak by watching on the spark plug? I'm not mechanic, but trying do my best.
  4. Thanks. I will buy this tester. If you test so much head gaskets, is it possible that smoke from coolant is in both exhausts?
  5. Hi everyone! Today my SRX make me a bad suprise, few seconds after start engine in exhaust become white smoke. Since last week every start was with smoke but only few seconds, then runs properly. Today was different, was a really a lot of white smoke, I found, that coolant is gone. If I have broken head gasket, is it possible that smoke is in both exhaust pipe? Maybe some of You have the same, or know what is a reason?
  6. If I have to spend 550 for fix and 200 for shipping, then it's much easier to buy some other navi and radio. New for sure will got more function than oem except comm with car computer. What I want to do now is try to run oem radio/navi with out computer communitation. There is plug with power voltage, audio out, and...I dont known what. Maybe will be enough put 12V or 5V on some pin and it will run. I want only access to cd/dvd and radio.
  7. No, it wasn't AC Delco, I buy only avalivable: CLOYES.
  8. I buy it From Rockauto. For my lucky i make rection when I hear first noise. Proably that why nothing else was happend.
  9. Unfortunately ardruino was't problem. That was coincidence that navi and radio start workig. One day suddenly panel goes black and stay like til now. There is no OBD codes that may be helpful. I think that problem is in the communication betwen navi and computer. Its impossible to download new soft for navi becouse is too old and any of known cadillac service in Poland can't do this now. My question is: is it possible to run radio and cd without communication with car computer? For example swich some pins on back panel.
  10. Hi everyone! After 6k mil hard knocking noise forced me to disasemby timing case and camshaft case. It turned out that timing chain tensioner not hold the chain. I buy new timing set before and that new was broken. So that is worning for everyone do not trust new parts. I report that there is no licking oil under the head. Engine working fine, except one worning "camshaft sensor bank 1" code p340 and 341. That code become 3kmil ago. I buy new sensor but nothing change. Is it possible that engine computer is bad?
  11. SOLVED The problem was in prewious user. He install ardruino with wireless module, and he use (i think) other keyfob to unock car and radio/navi panel. I cut out ardruino module and evrything work proper.
  12. I have seen timeserts as way to fix damaged Bolt holes, but fixing engine was my first time that why I can believe everyone in everything. With all respect for Jan.
  13. It looks good, I can even say very nice. On the threads was only rest of sealant. I change them becouse mechanik i asked too said that bolts should be new. Reason is that bolts become a bit longer during the time work engine. I will report when I see something wrong.
  14. Thanks Jan! I disappoint you, because I used only new bolts for head. I even don't known that it's important to use Time Serts for it. If You say so, then I got hope that it will be enough and new head gaskets will not leak in future. Any way, thread on head screw looks different than usual thread. As I understand there exist kit for it?
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