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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks Bruce you're right it's a balanced system, need to check each part. Yes, the cooling fans were out for about an hour, got the new relay & they're ok now. The surge tank has actual cracks in the plastic that are leaking steam, pressure, coolant. Definitely not holding pressure. That's why I was wondering if no pressure alone like leaving the pressure cap off & driving around in hot weather would cause overheating by itself. Thanks JD, yes, coolant leaking from overflow hose & tank. Tank has bad leak at both hose connects, plastic has failed. Going to test the
  2. Hi Bruce, thanks for the welcome. Haven't pulled codes, but I will and I'll check out the exhaust gases test kit tomorrow. The cooling fan relay was blown, replaced it & fans are fine. Motor runs great. No white smoke, no excess moisture in exhaust, plugs DO get black rather quickly like 1200 miles, I think because it burns some oil. It will hold at 251F in idle on hot day in Florida without thermostat. But if I drive around town it goes 260F & I shut it down. I guess best next test is should be for gases in coolant? Then after new tank arrives pressure test the system? Thanks a
  3. Hi Folks, My name is Jim, I'm happy to be a new member of the Caddy lovers club! I'm 54, been a caddy lover since my teens when my dad got his 4th or 5th caddy. In my 20s He came across a beautiful late 60s red convertible with a white leather interior which he slapped some plates on & let me take her for a ride to have my tooth pulled. He neglected/forgot to tell me the brakes were non existent brakes (master cylinder) so I used the emergency brake, made it to the dentist & home! Ever since that & my dad's subsequent Cadillacs I've been hooked on em. I've had 3 or 4 Devilles &
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