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    dbc2065 got a reaction from BodybyFisher in 92 eldorado help   
    appreciated once again Tech had already order one because more then likely original on car also notice vacuum line was all dry rot. Grateful for all your effort though as mention above my car has low miles but sat long time and wasn't taken care of well under a tarp mainly interior with seats are bad right now drivability which it's almost there I'm really anal about doing things right. Car has good foundation no rust body is straight clear coat finish is off motor is strong along with transmission no leaks. Reason for purchase because of Eldorado body style and 4.9 motor after hearing such horror stories concerning north star with head gaskets also noticed on craigslist caddy for sale with over heat problems. Gather your a GM Tech? Cool been junk yarded since a kid Dad was auto body man for 35 years. FSM is money well spent and helpful every little detail I'm impressed
    Thanks David Cruz Chicago area
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