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  1. Well not sure where to begin purchased 92 touring coupe good foundation but needs work. Was getting intermitted codes E024 E091 also service vehicle #3 with intermitted 12 So pickup factory service book my 24 and 91 went current which activated disable mode from shifting to 3 and OD checked neutral switch ed71 ed 72 all digits match plus car is starting check ecm grounds check all known grounds swap ecm same results. Change vss same results. Notice in service manual says several times left hand wheel well for body ground connection also will effect what I'm dealing with for over a week now. does it mean junction blocks ? I've check ground left side near radiator. but it doesn't give location or ground number for left hand wheel well? doing grounds first not sure what cause 24 and 91 went current? bad wire? my guess trying not to take to Cadillac they want 139.00 just to tell me what already know with codes. need some light shed on this? left hand? body but where lol
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