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  1. Don't want to argue with you guys yes Logan there is a test in FSM for injector have listened pages reading from according to Fan it does turn off with cooler button to compare rpm drop pages are listen page 4 of thread again appreciate you guys Fisher could you clear threads
  2. Checking injector there's a leak somewhere I'm going by my manual fuel is not holding steady appreciate Logan and your help and time Caddy tech help going to pull rail
  3. Rev limiter is controlled by ecm right awfully low about 3000 rpm. My problem is fuel related guys thanks going to check for injector leak. Key on fuel pressure test failure doesn't hold pressure.going to pull fuel rail inspect for leaks
  4. No backfire while driving where is rev limiter location
  5. Key was off for timing mode place jumper a/b then turn key on first confirmed timing mode display. Only swap ecm to see if any changes back fire was still present so original ecm back online. Fisher car only backfire at park under load as mentioned to you on phone this morning check fuel pressure again. Key on 40 PS then drop to 36 while key is on. Then when start running drops to 35 PSi Reguator vacuum line pulled 42 psi. Car is not holding pressure key on check. My computer crashed on my phone with this sorry for any confusion
  6. swap ecm out only to see if any change there wasn't fisher ecm swap with came from 92 eldorado with same prom ID number. Believe my problem is fuel related injector pump or pressure regulator.Yesterday done balance test FSM Page 6E-A-18 not sure is done right when it says disconnect isc jumper? are they referring to unplug harness at isc? One other question please fsm page 6e-a-20 fuel pressure injector flow test will tell me fuel pump or regular leak what use to block off return line it speaks of a tool block line off with? Do I block off at rail end or tank end were it meets topside off engine.
  7. logan change neutral switch which cause some problem E091 which solve service soon 3 appeared on DIC Tech you can call anytime brother 219 314 1854 OH Logan swap out ecm did change my problem also checked all ground points known in car appreciate your help Logan
  8. did my plugs i'm 6'3 remove strut bar helps i laid card board over engine and got after it most feel for plug number 8 was hardest for me i have big hands also change both 02 sensors that went smooth basically complete tuneup including fuel filter wires IAT sensor egr pcv air filter because she failed smog test first time around
  9. Logan brought up good point my car might be export because ipc does intermited display 46
  10. apperiate all of you guys fisher? thanks for phone conversation small world westchester I'm sort of like you 51 years 22 years of truck driving and seeking a better way I've been told missed my calling for mechicanic DAD RIP 35 years at same shop first guy hire 1973 concord autobody concordville pa he could make a rock move. Bruce apperiate your site and memebers help Caddy TECH ? yes sir a&b jumper timing set @ 10 Fisher could explain better then I after our phone conversation. I'm going to pull rail my car runs fine went through everything myself I'm going to check for leak injector there are no codes coming up DIC display 46 intermitted as explain to fisher. More then likely injector issues which will cause back fire.I'm little nervous with power steering pump moving it for access gain for number 1 injector went to bone yard today crab 4 used injectors also order new orings also have spare fuel pressure regulator with key left on she drops pressure FSM manual says supposed to stay steady key keeping pressure where it's not. going to start on it tommorow. Fisher clean up post as spoke about lol
  11. i have extra pcm for deville will give you just pay shipping cost if you want to try swaping out dbc1965@gmail.com
  12. yes I'm little confuse plus my email grammer isn't the best there's no easy way of swaping out fuel regulator because of under side mount screw on bracket (dont know why GM did that?) with out removing fuel rail in my service manual 6E-B symptons bottom pay key on test says clearly should hold pressure which I'm not low fuel or leaking injector would cause intake back fire? back fire under load like 2500 to 3000 rpm and not all the time. Have no check light 46 appears on DIC but comes and goes Just to clear up excatly whats going on yes could be a valve like tech says I'm thinking what fisher is saying leak at injector or could be my regulator gets hung up with spring inside of unit then works. Guess what I'm going to do is change injector orings they have arrived in mail. Just not sure should i just put new injectors in or just try orings first look like would have to remove power steering resavoir alternator . once again grateful for all you guys and input here's my number can explain excatly whats going on 219 314 1854 anytime
  13. yes but my but only 46 ONLY ON DIC no codes at coming up with ECM
  14. no haven't rude out injector leak answering and replying to all three members with different information first and fore most thx for your time. Tech? my timing is right at specs 10 and no sir haven't checked engine vacuum I just always through when doing key on fuel pressure test it should hold pressure is what I've seen on google you tube well my pressure drops according to my fsm my pressure should be 33.4-43.5 page 6e-c2 I'm open to everyone view not trying to be argumentative at all or discredit anyone giving advice or knowledge never thought injector could leak down that fast on fuel pressure test. Heck I don't know tech it's a intake back fire I've even rotated motor TDC rotor is at number 1 pointer below is at 0 jumper a-b for timing mode to 10 degrees which is in middle of 8 and 12. Have new injector o rings coming heck if you guys rather see me try changing o rings what the heck I've done everything else almost.
  15. Body yes have FSM for 92 which says the same infor as your post for me my thoughts was grounds at first but checked all points also have change both 02 sensors also apperiate your feed back logan my gauge is old school but works going to swap fuel regulator with one from bone yard and see what I have it could be a fix. From what i've read and google is what fisher say pressure should stay consited at pressure with no leak down if any but respect your input and time just grateful for help and just trying to resolve this current condition.just taking it in steps did order new orings for injectors but not at that point yet. if there's no change or inprovement with regulator going to double check vacuum again look and make sure fuel lines are good underside have replace fuel filter everything look fine no leaks. sprayed brake cleaner around injectors and vacuum no idle change while was replacing tb gasket.
  16. apperiate both of you guys Fisher sure you have read most whats taken place perform key on only test my gauge read close to 40 but drop about 4 to 5 psi pretty fast Tech has been help with intake back fire so here's what I've done change distributor from a wreck because i read other member had same issues and solve there problem 20.00 same results thats when decided to do only key on fuel test which haven't done first time around some reason didn't think of it any ways discover just recently fast drop as mention but then stays steady do went back to same wreck caddy 4.9 purchased used fuel pressure regulator just to see my results 5.00 dollars then i'm not spending big money for nothing haven't tryed yet right now taking a small break this has consume me lol.. intermited 46 shows up on DIC but no hard codes or check light. Grateful once again for you guys and site doing tb work with neutral switch replacement has made big inprovements just not all the way there yet LOL I like thing to be working or runing just right
  17. on the rail tech my thoughts was fuel pressure regulator i did put my gauge on it she read close to 40 psi drop fast about 5 psi think I'm going to take chance on regulator. Did pull vacuum line nothing but did notice slight wetness around where regulator hooks into line. Check valve is it built into the pump or somewhere online?
  18. Tech here's update checked vacuum under dash we are good replaced neutral switch soon vehicle 3 on DIC disappear E091 gone cruise is working. Next removed TB replaced tb gasket replaced 2 small vacuum lines below idle control solenoid also clean egr ports results improvements. Here's the bad well maybe not bad but might have pin point intake backfire problem above in post mention fuel pressure test well something told me to check again but perform key on test only well here's results key on she jump close to 40 psi but leak down fast roughly 4.5 to 5 psi the held I'm think fuel pressure regulator? what are your thoughts? plus no hard codes or check light but DIC intermitted 46 displays. Hope I'm not being a bother. OH yeah forgot both right and left bank 02 sensor was change roughly 3 weeks ago AC/Delco PS sorry Body fisher missed your post appreciate your comment and this site and members time Dave Cruz Chicago area
  19. Logan yes I do was just giving example was getting service vehicle #3 showing up on DIC display but I think by changing my neutral switch today clear service soon 3 also E091 current code. Tech has been helping me with on going drivability (Intake back fire) just happen to ask if he knew answer for service soon #3 but it has to due to neutral switch related problem since replace today has disappeared service soon light will activate on DIC neutral switch low fuel pressure vcc brake switch if I've read right. soon on DIC different protocol then check engine. appreciate your reply still checking what tech has told me with vacuum under dash to solve intake backfire
  20. Tech thanks again will check have clue or seen on (DIC service vehicle soon number 3 on DIC? I've read service soon is different protocol verses check light which is only thing come up on DIC. which has display since car purchase in April. can't find any information on this. (like when go in timing mode it says timing mode 5 appears just example)
  21. thank you will post pictures soon really grateful for this site at least you guys reply back Eldorado needs work nothing major just wasn't maintain correctly old school 51 years of age like early model cars. however LOL have one problem has me stump but seem to be a common problem back fire through intake which was why was checking grounds according to FSM several time says to check for poor grounds. Above has list of everything I've done today even swap out distributor check fuel pressure timing @ base setting 10 still getting back fire on idle above 2000 rpm vacuum lines have been change egr replace no codes heck maybe fuel injector leak? going to clean tubes in morning with new tb gasket read other owners experience same problem some was solve with distributor swap no conclusion for others like myself. Just like to resolve this issue which is one reason why became a member to be honest.
  22. appreciated once again Tech had already order one because more then likely original on car also notice vacuum line was all dry rot. Grateful for all your effort though as mention above my car has low miles but sat long time and wasn't taken care of well under a tarp mainly interior with seats are bad right now drivability which it's almost there I'm really anal about doing things right. Car has good foundation no rust body is straight clear coat finish is off motor is strong along with transmission no leaks. Reason for purchase because of Eldorado body style and 4.9 motor after hearing such horror stories concerning north star with head gaskets also noticed on craigslist caddy for sale with over heat problems. Gather your a GM Tech? Cool been junk yarded since a kid Dad was auto body man for 35 years. FSM is money well spent and helpful every little detail I'm impressed Thanks David Cruz Chicago area
  23. Hi Tech sorry missed your reply I'm a truck driver for a living gets busy 622743 is my last 6 also might want to ad like your statement concerning parts changer or true mechanic which is why posted repair on my E024 code my first thought vss sensor while under her decided to check connection and took a minute while checking 400 an 401 circuit with DVM took a minute removed back seal discovering inner connection problem but have been guilty of parts changing in past. LOL Appreciate your reply and this site allowing me to become a member also notice head of site gets involved with replying as well
  24. Old Tech thank you for replying back my wording might have been off some but your correct my question was asking about known breaking point. I do have service manual and did check 304 but couldn't located any other ground besides junction box and G101. My vin is B. Found my EO24 problem it was inside connection female end wasn't making contact removed seal and discover it. as for my service vehicle soon 3 code might have something to do with EO91 which will activate service soon DIC 91 is current just order new switch today. still have small issues little back fire intake manifold from what I've read fuel pressure which will activated service soon as well also possible pickup coil from other member experience same issues. I've completely tune up platinum plugs ac/delco wires IAT sensor left and right back 02 sensors fuel filter pcv egr replace vacuum lines chevron injector cleaner premium gas air filter E091 only codes which comes up as current. car wasn't taken care of before my purchase but she does have good foundation mile are at 48,000 also going to clean egr tubes though I'm not having issues with egr and she just pass Indiana smog test. just a bunch of little things lol. appreciate this site and you. she still runs rough little which is my reason for posting question FSM says to check ground left wheel well might be different vin as you said
  25. left side kick panel 303 should be visible 304 is right above easy to miss might have to pull back padding look straight above. going through same grounding problem with 92. Eldorado 4.9 what I don't get FSM speak of drivability rough idle so fourth several time say check left wheel well grounds but doesn't say where the location. any ways I'm new thought help you with g304 you have to look further above
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