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  1. Apologies you answer my question. If set my temp controls at auto 90 or auto 60 works as should however if lower to auto 85 or auto 65 air temperature isn't right. No trouble codes thinking blend door vacuum leak actuators
  2. Fisher have a question concerning acp vacuum connection on ecc how is that connection removed see a small center nut FSM doesn't really break down. have any dealing with it have programmer problems.
  3. Fisher, Thankyou haven't had any luck with online salvage yard that wheel well molding did find but 100.00 a used one told them to keep it lol any how my 92 is still going strong made some changes in my life moved to North Dakota for local driving job home every night which think I've shared OTR work struggle with doing anymore 22 years life has past me by enough. So which is why haven't been on site much. Hope all is going well with members and yourself.
  4. 20725694 right quater wheel well molding chrome grill with crest climate control programmer right side bumper black impac molding 3535085
  5. Runs like new Fisher so quite still seeking other minor parts front bumper black trim strips for corner chrome ends little cosmetic stuff nothing major I'm so annal lol everything has to be just right
  6. Thanks Fisher if you recalled our first phone conversation along with post have discribe all the work I've done mainly regular maintenance everything had been all original parts well just about there for painting clear coat was shot but no rust replacement parts as follow Cadillac correct tune up Plugs wires Egr Oxygen sensors Stabilizers end links Cool blue filter Water pump with tensioner Front brakes Fuel pump Trans service Fuel filter I've rebuilt distribution Front rubber brake lines Used seats Fuel filter AC suction hose drier compressor Everything myself but fuel Pump
  7. Hey brother just got into town phew I'm beat have couple of question for you paint code where is located at ? Going with factory color maroon seems to be color my clear coat is shot. Also is there a gm black paint for lower panel trim piece including bumpers, door mirror . My current grill is basic chrome non crest type thought would upgrade with center crest type.for sure interested hit you with paypal
  8. Yes sir rubber seal for both front and rear also sunroof metal frame is there part number
  9. Thx Fisher would you know both windshield seal reveal for front and rear don't have my manual with me Some where on this site seen a topic on this matter with given after market part numbers.
  10. Been on the road haven't had a chance to breathe or come on site. Getting ready to have car painted all mechanical work is almost done. I'm seeking reveal for windshield and rear glass. Also seeking front grill with crest don't know part numbers for items. Right now sitting in Laredo,Texas had a minute to post request. dbc1965@gmail.com is best way to reach me.
  11. Drifting on the sea of heart break trying to get myself to shore for so long.

  12. Yes sir 21 years now right side up lol hate doing it now days I'm like Bob Fisher trying to find better way. Can't seem to post pictures under my parts for sale.
  13. 90 degrees today just double checking little bit more to story they ship me wrong compress mean while had old unit off bearing in clutch went bad so plan B action came into play used from bone yard could wait for other shipping delay. Drain oil from unit 6 oz 134 pag liquid with green dye oil the 2 3/4 12oz cans of refrigerant making close to 2.25 pounds engine fans are working no codes rear climate is working . looks like all is good Houston we have blast off.Grateful for your time also this site.
  14. Dave Cruz born and raised on East Coast burb of Philadelphia called West Chester PA also lived in New Bedford,Mass . Truck driver I hate it lol it's changed so much  51 years of age Puerto Rican descent. Take it day by day remember that old Christian being by God smack?

  15. Tech the once again hate to bother anyone but just to confirm basically did job myself including refrigerant r134 kept things simple. Yes,sir drier, suction hose, and compressor was change. My fill hose gauge was showing 47 in green area roughly 32 oz for 2.25 pounds everything seems good thus far my my temp gauge which stick in vent shows about 45 degrees set at 60 but when climate control is set at 65 notice temp gauge in vent goes higher like 75 could this be orfics tube wasn't change or climate control program box needs adjustment? Have no codes and so far no leak down from what can tell. Used 134 pay oil with dye. Hope my question is clear enough for you
  16. Tech appreciate your reply my mistake didn't see two 13 mm for ac Rear support bracket. Problem solve was on ground replaced compressor suction hose,drier. Do far have working ac again. They were t40 torx after unit is remove for bracket swap out for new compressor. But need a question answer tech 2.25 pounds my a/c system hold's is that counting compressor oil?
  17. Tech my 2 Rear bolts on ac compressor are button type head look to be torn what's the best way to remove
  18. Appericate reply Tech/Rock also had change both front brake lines with both steering link's post above mentioned found some descent seats from late model eldorado. Have change injectors out yet the power steering still has me concern. Plus I'm OTR truck driver have limited time. Love my steel body eldorado she starts right up defective distributor cap was found by flick at night notion spark lol which solve backfire along with intermittent 12 displaying on ICP. Still more work is needed but nothing major beside I'm anal when it comes being right also found missing rights side headlight filler. Details make a big difference.
  19. Look as said before no big deal was it hurting anything to post? Personally assume dropping this topic. Not everyone are driving newer Cadillac besides we all share same interest or have common interest Cadillac your speaking your opinion concerning 26 year old car? Well perhaps everyone shares same opion in short time been a member I've notice member's seeking help with problems having early model caddy why? Because guys or woman here answer unlike other sites. Was my reason to join
  20. Well don't want trouble on site might have posted in wrong area. Notice a member on here is seeking door panel well just so happens the Eldorado strip seats from out of bone yard is 98 model beige or taupe color was going to snap pictures first before saying anything. So you see guys are still seeking parts for early model Cadillac
  21. Look like I said no big deal you may not need but someone else might. Have a good day
  22. Had posted spare parts on site extra was trying to get rid of no big deal
  23. Sorry members posted some extra part's on this site guess that's a no no won't happen again
  24. Hey just been busy working caddy has taken some what of back seat. However found mystery backfire problem turn out being defective distributor cap though new apparently had crack. Just recently found 98 Eldorado in bone yard with better seats. Then mines was shot in bad shape so purchased all you have to do is swap motor seat harness keeping original connection and swap seat beat claps it was easy kind of seat motors setup are the same but harness are slightly different for power hook up but they will interchange. Just in plug from motors and remove control assembly as together. Replacing my ac compressor tomorrow clutch is making bad noise. Tech can that be removed from right wheel well without removing radiator?
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