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  1. I was attempting to change to led bulbs in my 2000 Deville and when I took off the front cover it sort of fell apart. The button to turn the light on-off evidently has a couple of springs in it and when you take off the front they pop along with a couple of other things. I don't know what happened but I can't get it back together. I would buy a used one and put a new one in but have no clue because as you can see the hole in the headliner is way to small to get the back part of the housing out. Suppose you needed a new assembly, you have to take the headliner apart? That would be insane.
  2. I was watching the Deville forum, but that is immaterial for the purpose of this conversation because no one part of any forum especially one with a popular car as a Deville should go post less for a week. You can lock this thread or do whatever you want with it. I said what I said and made my point.
  3. I hear ya Bruce as I don't come here to read about other owners misery, only hoping to come here to find solutions to the problems that come up frequently with our Caddy's.
  4. I come to this site every day hoping to read anything new on (problem wise) a Cadillac and there have been no new posts in a week. Why even bother with this website. Just merge it with the other Cadillac forum and be done with it.
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  6. So I had the Kenwood put in today with NO problems. The PAC OS-2-32 worked flawlessly and integrated the system without issue. I retained the factory amp with chimes but not the steering wheel controls as I just didn't need them at the extra cost of another module. The installer modified the back plastic plate a little to get the interface harness and module to fit behind the radio. So anybody in the past who had truoble putting in a aftermarket radio was definitely doing something wrong as this is a plug and play operation. I took some pictures just for this purpose but I don't know how to use a url to upload pictures here. Sorry
  7. I disconnected and reconnected the battery because I am getting a C1252 and C1253 (C1252 Left front normal force malfunction and C1253 Right front normal force malfunction ) code that doesn't go away when you clear the codes from the dash. Probably the module connected to the ABS pump. Anyways after one last clutching at straws move I disconnected the battery again and touched the negative and positive cables for 30 seconds to clear all memory. This is the third time I tried this. Guess what, this time it worked and the seats work again. A mechanic friend of mine said I hit a million to one shot as probably the same way I disrupted the modules when I disconnected the battery they somehow reset when I did it again. Sort of like rebooting a computer. Why only the heated seat modules reacted this way when I originally disconnected the battery is anybody's guess and we will never know, but they work now! I wanted to post the outcome of this so I didn't leave this thread hanging with no resolution. What I did was not a cure because as far as I can tell I caused the problem in the first place. And thanks OLD TECH for sticking with me throughout this thread.
  8. Yes the rear cushion was out and I did disconnect the blue wire but made sure it was reconnected properly. The small connectors from what I remember were in place and I never touched them. I will double check them anyway. Isn't the blue connector just for the back anyway? I was also thinking that if I turn the rear seat heater on and disconnect the blue connector and put a test light on it, that would be a great way and easy way of telling if the rear cushion is getting power. If that lights the test light then I know something is wrong with the seat cushion element.
  9. Jim can you expand a little bit on the modules? From what some people told me there is one module under the front seat for the front and one module under the rear seat or back there somewhere for the rear seats. This has really got me stumped. There are no codes and the heated seats worked Tues night and when I went to work Wed morning they didn't. All four seats cut out at once. Doesn't that seem strange and with this symptom shouldn't it be a little easier to narrow down the cause. It's kind of obvious that one single thing is effecting all four heated seats to all not work at once. Don't forget I said no codes are present.
  10. I did the touching of the cable thing for another reason and that's what may or may not have caused my heated seats not to work because they stopped working right around the time I did that. The fuse box where I have been checking is indeed in the trunk because all the power in the heated seat system runs thru that box and all fuses and relays are good. I never checked any thing under the hood because nothing points in that direction.
  12. Heated seats front and rear just stopped working. Last night they worked this morning no go. All the switches light up as should. All the fuses look good unless there are more fuses I need to check. I checked the ignition relays and they seem good also. This may or may not have happened after I disconnected and reconnected the battery. I don't think all the elements can go bad at once and if they did I should play the lottery. Something must be causing these seats to not work all at once. No codes. There has got to be one main source that sends a signal to all the seats. I don't buy that this is a individual seat problem because they all went out at once. Is there a module or something that commands the heated seats? 2000 Deville
  13. Jim it would be my pleasure to report back and some pics will be with it. See you in about a week with the results.