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  1. I drained the coolant and everything was dry when I pulled the bolt. I am doing as you said. I now have to intake manifold back on made sure everything was clean and dry now waiting until tomorrow to fill up the coolant. I believe in your comments and would like to stay optimistic. I believe the threads are fine because I was able to plug the hole and stop the leak with the bolt. Yes I agree now that the head is cracked, and replacing it would be the best option. But I am trying out a temporary fix because I lack experience, time, and resources. It would be cheaper for me to bu
  2. Thank you for your comment. I agree. I will post a picture of my car. Let me know if could still be the crossover. I am renewing the gaskets before i put it all back(my intake plenum is o-ring style). I am thinking of draining the coolant so everything will go on dry, then use a little gasket maker at the top of the hole,
  3. Hello everyone, 96 Cadillac Northstar 4.6L Symptoms high idle and constant revv So I pulled the Intake manifold and coolant started to leak out of the bolt hole(Closest to plug 8) under the intake. Picture included, the leak will stop with the bolt hand tight with the intake off. No Codes. I am wondering is this a head gasket or something else? Would sealant be a bad idea? PS Picture I grabbed from the internet. My car is not this dirty
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