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  1. I am going to test oil pressure and wondering what is good on these? And what suggests needing to replace oil pump and or pick up tube oring? Thanks
  2. Ok I have read around and some say 2007 have the screen filter under the oil pressure sensor (switch). I currently have the sensor out and see nothing in the hole, I have picked it many times and feel nothing. I only went ahead with this project as GM sold me the part and said it was in my 2007 escalade esv PLEASE HELP! I have pictures bUT will need to resize them to post.
  3. 6.2 this year had active fuel management parts but was disabled from the factory in 2007 models, 2008+ had AFM in use and also has these filters. Due to it not being activated in 2007 and other places online saying 2007 did not have the screen leads me to believe it was not installed in 2007 6.2's. Now that I have mine apart I tend to agree that filter was not present in 2007, yet it could have been removed by someone so looking to confirm this.
  4. Figured I'd attach a picture of filter. The left hand end has a raised lip I assume it registers against the the top of small hole in picture #1. So my main question here is do all 2007 6.2 non AFM (active fuel management) engines have this filter? Jim I see you say I'm missing parts in mine but I'm not sure that 2007's had the filter?
  5. Jim, thanks for the reply! I do have the filter in hand and sealant for the installation. I have attached a picture from my bore scope. I would assume the filter would be visible, I believe it sits flush with the smaller hole on picture. I will attach another picture looking down the smaller hole in picture 1. It's hard to see as its such a small hole.